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2 January 2014

For each of the 12 days of Christmas we have asked Apollo staff and contributors to select the artistic highlights that they are most eagerly anticipating in 2014. The Muse Room will return with its regular daily blogs on 7 January 2014. From all of us at Apollo, happy new year!

(2006), Anselm Kiefer

For Paul Celan, Ash Flowers (2006), Anselm Kiefer © the artist

The Royal Academy of Arts celebrates its own in 2014 with an exhibition on our Honorary Royal Academician, Anselm Kiefer. Part retrospective, part new work in response to our glorious Beaux Arts galleries, this exhibition will include the full range of media (painting, sculpture, works on paper) covering many of the key themes that have featured regularly in Kiefer’s work across the years but will also surprise and delight with new site-specific installations.

(c. 1570–5), Paolo Veronese

Allegories of Love – Scorn (c. 1570–5), Paolo Veronese © The National Gallery, London

Slightly further afield I am looking forward to ‘Veronese: Magnificence in Renaissance Venice’ at the National Gallery which will be the most significant collection of masterpieces by the artist ever to be displayed in the United Kingdom. To be able to experience the grandeur and beauty of those works collected together, to enjoy their complexity and elegance will be a true gift.

Iceland Series (2004), Olafur Eliasson

Iceland Series (2004), Olafur Eliasson © the artist

Finally, one of my favourite museums, hosts one of the most fascinating artists. Olafur Eliasson will engage with the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art’s context. The unique relationship that it has with its landscape, seascape, and architecture will be explored and engaged with by this inventive and thoughtful artist in a way that I am sure will make it one of the must-see exhibitions of the year.

‘Anselm Kiefer’ is at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, from 27 September–14 December 2014

‘Veronese: Magnificence in Renaissance Venice’ is at the National Gallery, London, from March 19–15 June 2014

‘Olafur Eliasson’ is at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark, from 20 August 2014–4 January 2015

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