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A fishy new uniform for V&A staff

The V&A has launched a new uniform – but twitter users reckon the swag would look better at a garden centre

© V&A, Shaun James Cox

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Exciting news from the V&A, where staff have been issued with brand new uniforms. Dreamed up by designer Christopher Raeburn, the ensemble consists of a range of ‘t-shirts, polos, crews, bomber jackets, packaway lightweight jackets and rainproof parkas’ coloured in eye-catching hues of blue and orange. 

The V&A has been keen to point out that the uniform pays its dues to the museum’s identity: the clothes are embellished with patterns based on objects in its collection, and the colour scheme ‘takes inspiration from Raphael’s The Miraculous Draught of Fishes’. Nevertheless, reactions to the new kit have been mixed:

Down at the V&A, Rakewell asked a few staff members how they felt about their new clobber. ‘It’s, uh, quite comfortable,’ one employee said – through what looked like gritted teeth…

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