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Apollo is pleased to announce the launch of Agenda - an online guide to current events and exhibitions across the globe


Apollo – ‘the international art magazine’ – has always had its eye on the art world at large, and regular readers of the monthly magazine will be familiar with our Agenda pages that highlight key exhibition openings from across the globe. But a monthly publication is only ever going to be able to circle a handful of dates on the packed international calendar. Now, with the launch of our online Agenda, we are pleased to offer a more expansive overview of what’s on.

Agenda presents Apollo’s pick of significant current or upcoming exhibitions and art fairs, primarily in the UK, Europe and USA. For the moment we have focused on institutions that boast both permanent collections and ambitious exhibition programmes. Over time we’ll add auctions and other events to the list, and where possible we’ll expand our remit to offer private galleries a space to promote their most interesting curated shows.

By taking this content online we can offer extensive listings, in a considerably more attractive format than a page-crowding actual list. Key event openings will be highlighted on the main page each week, and built-in filters can sort content according to its location, event type, artistic category and date. Alternatively, visitors can use the map to survey clusters of events in the same area or at the same museum. Listings link directly to the venue websites to ensure the accuracy and breadth of available information, and the whole network is held together by the site’s elegant and intuitive design.

Resources such as this always require something of a balancing act between comprehensiveness and usability. Most online listings limit themselves to a particular area or type of event, but that wouldn’t be in keeping with Apollo’s international remit, so we’ve taken the plunge. This will never be an exhaustive list, but it is an extensive one which will expand and improve still further with feedback from our readers. The ‘art world’ is exactly that – an international, global phenomenon, moving at an often dizzying pace. Hopefully Agenda just made it that little bit more navigable.

Agenda is Apollo‘s latest online resource – an extensive selection of the most interesting current or upcoming art exhibitions and events.

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