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Andra Ursuta: Alps

New Museum, New York


This presentation will be the first New York museum exhibition of the work of New York-based artist Andra Ursuţa (b. 1979). Ursuţa’s sculptures and installations thrive on paradox and engage a visual language that weaves an art historical homage with a homespun, anarchic sensibility. From early in her career, Ursuţa has used a fatalistic dark humour to expose power dynamics, to probe the vulnerability of the human body, and to examine modes of desire. The Romanian-born artist immigrated to the United States in the late 1990s, but many of the narrative facets of her upbringing – from occult folk traditions to blundering nationalist propaganda – resonate throughout her work. Ursuţa’s New Museum exhibition will debut a new sculptural installation, Alps (2016), which will be presented in dialogue with the artist’s recent sculptures, including her series Whites (2015), which will have its United States premiere in this show. Read more.

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