Carmen Herrera

Whitney Museum of American Art, New York


Lines of Sight

Born May 30, 1915, in Havana, Cuba, Carmen Herrera is still actively working, painting every day in her New York studio. This presentation of approximately 50 works spans three decades of Herrera’s work, beginning with the early abstractions she made while living in Paris in the years following World War II. During that time Herrera forged a geometric hard-edged style that she has retained to this day, employing a distilled palette of just two or three colours for each composition. Read more.

Carmen Herrera is shortlisted for the Apollo Artist of the Year Award 2016.

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(1958), Carmen Herrera, Green and Orange.

Green and Orange (1958), Carmen Herrera. © Carmen Herrera

(1949), Carmen Herrera, Iberia.

Iberic (1949), Carmen Herrera. © Carmen Herrera

(1958), Carmen Herrera, Equation..

Equation (1958), Carmen Herrera. © Carmen Herrera


Irlanda (1965), Carmen Herrera. © Carmen Herrera

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