Erwin Wurm: Peace & Plenty

Albertina, Vienna


The Austrian artist Erwin Wurm, best known for the One Minute Sculptures in which he blurs the lines between sculpture and performance, is also a prolific draughtsman. By focusing on this lesser-known aspect of his oeuvre, this exhibition explores how Wurm’s drawings function as a kind of diaristic record-keeping, as well as a means of testing out ideas for sculptural projects. Find out more about the Erwin Wurm exhibition from the Albertina’s website.

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Cucumber, Wurm

Cucumber (2017), Erwin Wurm. © Studio Erwin Wurm

blue head grey gun, Wurm

blue head grey gun (2017), Erwin Wurm. © Studio Erwin Wurm

Asthma with Head, Erwin Wurm

Asthma with Head (2017/18), Erwin Wurm. © Studio Erwin Wurm

Cucumber, Wurm

Vacuum Cleaner (2017), Erwin Wurm. © Studio Erwin Wurm

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