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Gauguin and Laval in Martinique

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam


Four years before setting out for Tahiti in 1891, Paul Gauguin spent four months on the island of Martinique in the French Caribbean with his friend and fellow artist Charles Laval, seeking ‘exotic’ inspiration beyond what Paris had to offer. This exhibition is the first devoted to this short but significant period in Gauguin’s development. It unites a significant number of the 20 or so paintings created by the two during their time in Martinique, including some of their collaborations, as well as bringing together many of the sheets from Gauguin’s three sketchbooks, which have since been dispersed among various private and public collections worldwide. Find out more about ‘Gauguin and Laval and Martinique’ from the Van Gogh Museum’s website. 

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Martinique Landscape, Paul Gauguin

Martinique Landscape (1887), Paul Gauguin. National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh

Martinican Women, Paul Gauguin

Martinican Women (1887), Paul Gauguin

Landscape on Martinique, Charles Laval

Landscape on Martinique (1887–88), Charles Laval. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Coastline landscape (The Bay of Saint-Pierre, Martinique)

Coastline landscape (The Bay of Saint-Pierre, Martinique) (1887), Paul Gauguin. Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen

Path under the Palms, Paul Gauguin

Path under the Palms (1887), Paul Gauguin

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