Maurice Wyckaert: Inner Landscapes

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Brussels


In developing his distinctive, explosively colourful style, the Belgian painter Maurice Wyckaert (1923–96) drew on the examples of Flemish expressionism and calligraphy. The artist was also involved in or associated with key European avant-garde movements in the 1950s and ’60s, such as CoBrA and the Situationists – this exhibition argues that his canvases reveal a philosophical quest for the expansion of selfhood. Find out more from the Royal Museums’ website. 

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Vues Plongeantes (1967), Maurice Wyckaert.

Vues Plongeantes (1967), Maurice Wyckaert

May 1968, Maurice Wyckaert.

May 1968 (1968), Maurice Wyckaert. Photo: Vincent Everarts

Life in its Fullness, Maurice Wyckaert

Life in its Fullness (1974), Maurice Wyckaert. Photo: J Geleyns; courtesy RMFAB

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