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Painters’ Paintings

National Gallery, London


From Freud to Van Dyck

‘Painters’ Paintings’ takes its inspiration from works in the National Gallery Collection once owned by painters, revealing the private acquisitions of Freud,Matisse, Degas, Leighton, Watts, Lawrence, Reynolds, and Van Dyck. The exhibition investigates why these painters acquired other painters’ works – for artistic inspiration, to support fellow artists, as status symbols, as investments, even out of obsession. Read more.

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An Allegory ('Vision of a Knight')

An Allegory (‘Vision of a Knight’) (c. 1504), Raphael. © The National Gallery, London

The Execution of Maximilian

The Execution of Maximilian (c. 1867–68), Edouard Manet. © The National Gallery, London

The Flood. Banks of the Seine, Bougival, 1873

The Flood. Banks of the Seine, Bougival (1873), Alfred Sisley. © Ordrupgaard, Copenhagen / Photo: Anders Sune Berg

L’Après-Midi à Naples, 1876-1877

L’Après-Midi à Naples (1876–77), Paul Cézanne. Private collection © Photo courtesy of the owner


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