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Peter the Great

Moscow Kremlin Museums


Collector, Scholar, Artist

His reign is remembered for Russia’s transformation into a military power, but Peter was also an influential patron of the arts, who founded the country’s first public museum. Paintings, jewellery and armour from the tsar’s collections are on display here. Find out more from the Kremlin Museums’ website.

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Diamond cap of Tsar Peter Alexeevich.

Diamond cap of Peter the Great (1684), Kremlin workshops, Moscow. Courtesy Moscow Kremlin Museums

‘Polish’ caftan of Tsar Peter Alexeevich.

‘Polish’ caftan of Peter the Great (17th century), Holland. Courtesy Moscow Kremlin Museums

Nautilus cup (mid-17th century), possibly Goa.

Nautilus cup (mid 17th century), possibly Goa. Courtesy Moscow Kremlin Museums

‘Bacchus’ clock (late 16th century), Peter the Great.

‘Bacchus’ clock (late 16th century), Augsburg. Courtesy Moscow Kremlin Museums

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