Pierre Alechinsky

National Museum of Art, Osaka


On a trip to Japan in 1955, Pierre Alechinsky became friends with the calligrapher Morita Shiryu and others, and made a film called Japanese Calligraphy. Inspired by this visit, Alechinsky, moved away from the solemn oil painting of the West, and used sumi, watercolour, and acrylic paint to develop a rich style rooted in light, unrestrained lines. This exhibition presents approximately 80 works from the beginning of Alechinsky’s career to his latest monumental paintings. In addition to commemorating the 150th anniversary of Japan’s friendship with Belgium, the exhibition serves as the first large-scale retrospective of this Belgian artist ever to be held in Japan. Find out more about the ‘Pierre Alechinsky’ exhibition from the National Museum of Art’s website.

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