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Saul Leiter. David Lynch. Helmut Newton: Nudes

Museum für Fotografie, Berlin


This exhibition draws together three quite disparate figures, by virtue of their shared interest in the genre of nude photography. Saul Leiter, a pioneer of the New York school of photography in the mid 20th century, is best known for his reflective abstractions of city streets, but he also produced a clandestine series of nude prints, known only to close friends during his lifetime. Lynch has been a little less coy about his proclivity for the medium – he published a book of his nude photographs earlier this year – while Helmut Newton was probably more comfortable in this genre than any other, becoming famous for his stylised, fetishistic images that blur the boundaries between fashion and erotica. Find out more from the Museum für Fotografie’s website. 

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Fay smoking (nude), Leiter

Fay smoking (nude) (c. 1946), Saul Leiter. Courtesy Howard Greenberg Gallery; © Saul Leiter Foundation

Untitled, David Lynch

Untitled (2000s), David Lynch. © David Lynch

Untitled (Los Angeles), David Lynch.

Untitled (Los Angeles) (1990), David Lynch. © David Lynch

Jenny Capitain, Helmut newton

Jenny Capitain (1977), Helmut Newton. © Helmut Newton Estate

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