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The Art of Campari

Estorick Collection, London


Since the 19th century, Campari has been responsible for some of the most distinctive and innovative imagery created in Italy. This exhibition traces the history of the Campari company’s approach to advertising its aperitivo. Drawn from Campari’s archives in Milan, the show progresses from posters of the belle époque, through the revolutionary campaigns of the 1920s, culminating in the elegant designs of the 1960s. Find out more about the ‘Campari’ exhibition from the Estorick Collection’s website. 

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Bitter Campari (1901), Adolf Hohenstein. Archivio Galleria Campari, Milan

Bitter Campari (Lo Spiritello), Leonetto Cappiello

Bitter Campari (Lo Spiritello) (1921), Leonetto Cappiello. Archivio Galleria Campari, Milan

He Distractedly Put the Bitter Campari on his Head, Fortunato Depero

He Distractedly Put the Bitter Campari on his Head (1928), Fortunato Depero. Archivio Galleria Campari, Milan

Campari Soda is in Line with the Times! (1960s), Franz Marangolo. Archivio Galleria Campari, Milan

Bitter Campari, Franz Marangolo

Bitter Campari (1960s), Franz Marangolo. Archivio Galleria Campari, Milan

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