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The Seventh Continent

Istanbul Biennial


The title of the 16th edition of the Istanbul Biennial, ‘The Seventh Continent’, refers to the mass of plastic waste that pollutes the oceans, occupying an area estimated to be some 3.4 million square kilometres. Curator Nicolas Bourriaud has invited 57 artists from 26 countries, spreading their work across three exhibition spaces in the city, to reflect on how this ecological fracturing is reflected in the political fragmentation of the contemporary era, and to imagine alternative worlds. Find out more from the Istanbul Biennial’s website. 

Preview the collection below | View Apollo’s Art Diary here

Double Mouthed (2019), Phillip Zach.

Double Mouthed (2019), Phillip Zach. Courtesy the artist

Untitled (Eastern Promises VIII) (2018), Piotr Uklański.

Untitled (Eastern Promises VIII) (2018), Piotr Uklański. Courtesy the artist

The Girl that Was Not There (2016), Gunes Terkol. Courtesy Istanbul Biennial

The Planet of Four Moons (2012–14), Evra/Zush.

The Planet of Four Moons (2012–14), Evra/Zush. Courtesy the artist

Neglyon (2019), Guclu Noztekin.

Neglyon (2019), Guclu Noztekin. Courtesy Istanbul Biennial

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