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Art Outlook: 27 November

The Kunstmuseum Bern takes on Gurlitt's art collection; major art awards; and the world of Minecraft meets the world of art

Doldrum, (Video: Le Clash), Anri Sala. Installation at Gemeentemuseum for 'The Vincent Awards 2014'. Photo: Daniel Nicolas

Some of the stories and discussions we’ve spotted online this week

Bern accepts Gurlitt’s infamous art collection

When Cornelius Gurlitt died in May this year, it emerged that he had named the Kunstmuseum Bern as the ‘sole heir’ to his controversial art collection, some of which is suspected of being Nazi loot. This week the museum announced it would keep the works, with a promise to investigate their provenance and return anything that turns out to be stolen to the rightful owners.

Anri Sala and Nathaniel Mellor win major art awards

The video artist Anri Sala was announced the winner of the $50,000 Vincent Award during a ceremony at the Gemeentemuseum, The Hague, last week. And in the UK, Nathaniel Mellor has been awarded £40,000 by the Contemporary Art Society to completely transform Preston Bus Station…

Arturo Galansino takes over at the Palazzo Strozzi

The Palazzo Strozzi in Florence has announced a change of leadership: James Bradburne, who’s been at the helm for the last 8 years, will be replaced in 2015 by the Royal Academy’s curator of exhibitions, Arturo Galansino.

Famous artworks get a Minecraft makeover

Have you ever imagined what it would have been like to walk through Nevinson’s soulless city? Did it look a bit like Minecraft? This week, Tate released two of a series of computer games based on famous works of art…

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