Anthony Cutler is Professor Emeritus of Art History at Penn State University

Panel showing the soldier martyrs Basiliskos and Priskos in the Rotunda (Church of St George), Thessaloniki, built between 305-11; mosaics from the 5th or 6th century.

Heavenly bodies – a monumental study of an early Byzantine masterpiece

The mosaics of the Rotunda at Thessaloniki can be seen more clearly than ever before in this essential book about the building

6 Aug 2019
One of the hexapteryga (detail) in the pendentives of the Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, photo: Dumbarton Oaks

The short step from pagan portraits to early Christian icons

Pagan and Christian art have more in common than you think – or so a polemical new book argues

22 Jun 2017