Danielle Thom is an Assistant Curator at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London

The Bacino di S. Marco on Ascension (c.1733-4), Canaletto. Royal Collection Trust/(c)Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2016

How Canaletto constructed a better view of Venice

The artist would move churches around, erase rooftops, and even bend the Grand Canal straight if it allowed for a more harmonious scene

8 Jun 2017
‘Anya Gallaccio: Beautiful Minds’ at Thomas Dane Gallery, London, 2017. Courtesy the artist and Thomas Dane Gallery, London. Photo Todd-White Art Photography

The melancholy grandeur of a 3D-printed mountain

Anya Gallaccio is building her own version of Wyoming’s Devil’s Tower in London, using a 3D printer. What does the work say about the relationship between man and nature?

8 Feb 2017
The Brunswick and the Vengeur du Peuple at the Battle of the First of June, 1794 (1795), Nicholas Pocock. National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

Seeing the sea through the eyes of British artists

‘Spreading Canvas: Eighteenth-Century British Marine Painting’ at the Yale Center for British Art is a voyage of discovery

6 Oct 2016

Museums have finally woken up to the potential of 3D printing

3D prints are the new plaster casts

22 Apr 2015

Family Man: the Foundling Museum presents another side to Jacob Epstein

A candid look at the artist’s portraits of his children

9 Feb 2015

Review: The British Library goes Gothic

‘Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination’, from Bram Stoker and to Wallace and Gromit

14 Oct 2014

The Wallace Collection’s Great Gallery

The nuances of the new hang might be lost on the non-specialist, but overall the Wallace Collection’s refurbished gallery is magnificent

27 Sep 2014

Are art installations the new video games?

Playful, interactive, digitally-enhanced: is art straying closer to the video game than ever before?

14 Aug 2014

Should photography in museums be allowed?

The relationship between photography and museums is a vexed one. Do attitudes need to change?

13 Jul 2014

Review: ‘British Folk Art’ at Tate Britain

The charm and whimsy of ‘British Folk Art’ at Tate Britain isn’t at the expense of rigorous analysis

16 Jun 2014

Changing Tastes: should museums try to teach ‘good’ taste?

Should museums try to preserve traditional notions of ‘good’ taste, or encourage new ways of thinking about art and culture?

3 Jun 2014

Money talks: the latest list of art’s most powerful people

There’s not a single museum director on The Guardian’s latest list

12 May 2014

Curator Chic: are arts professionals the new fashionistas?

A curator’s work is all about looking, and being looked at

23 Apr 2014

Curators, connoisseurship and the art of looking

Connoisseurship is still valuable, and many art historians know it

16 Apr 2014

Museum Etiquette: are there manners in museums anymore?

Of course we want museums to be accessible, friendly and interesting, but we also have an imperative to protect and preserve

10 Apr 2014