Digby Warde-Aldam is a freelance writer based in London

Review: Bill Viola’s ‘Martyrs’ at St Paul’s Cathedral

‘Martyrs’ is a beautiful series of videos, but it’s overshadowed by Wren’s magnificent architecture

23 May 2014

Review: Highlights from the Brighton and HOUSE Festivals

From a house made of waste to Yinka Shonibare’s library, there are some strong shows in Brighton this month

8 May 2014

Review: ‘Polke/Richter Richter/Polke’ at Christie’s Mayfair

The partnership and rivalry between these two great painters was mutually beneficial

30 Apr 2014

Easter Egg Hunt: The Third Imperial Fabergé Easter Egg has resurfaced

Last seen in public in 1902, the extraordinary egg can be found at Wartski in London for four days only

10 Apr 2014

Looking Ahead: Anselm Kiefer’s retrospective at the Royal Academy

Kiefer’s first UK retrospective is a major coup for the RA

3 Apr 2014

Why rebuilding the Crystal Palace is a bad idea

Boris Johnson and Ni Zhaoxing plan to rebuild the Crystal Palace on Sydenham Hill. It’s a ludicrous project

2 Apr 2014

BLAST: Wyndham Lewis and Vorticism, 100 years on

Launched just months before the outbreak of war, Vorticism was ill-timed and short-lived. But it’s a vital chapter in the history of British art

29 Mar 2014

‘Clemenceau, le Tigre et l’Asie’ at Musée Guimet, Paris

This exhibition about Clemenceau’s enthusiasm for Asian art is little short of revelatory

23 Mar 2014

Art14 Highlights

Something had clearly gone very right at Art13 last year – Art14, its successor, was positively rammed on its opening night

2 Mar 2014

Great View: the UK’s first art history festival

‘View Festival’ in London was a great success: it seems bizarre that nothing like this has ever taken place in the city before

19 Feb 2014

Condo in London

George Condo is hot property right now, with two new solo exhibitions about to open in London. Does his new work live up to the hype?

10 Feb 2014

Thumbs Down: The Fourth Plinth

And thus it came to pass. ‘Really Good’ will take up its position in 2016…10ft tall and hollow in every sense

7 Feb 2014

Lunch with Rex Whistler

The Expedition in Pursuit of Rare Meats at Tate Britain’s restaurant is more inviting than ever…

7 Jan 2014

The Talented Mr Shrigley?

Absurdist, accessible and completely unmistakeable, Brand Shrigley is everywhere, and more power to him – within reason…

9 Dec 2013

Ghost House

Rachel Whiteread’s ‘House’ was unveiled 20 years ago today. It stood for barely three months, but its influence endures

25 Oct 2013

No Alternative?

There are noble ideals (and some interesting artists) at work, but The Other Art Fair and Moniker’s crowded display doesn’t give the art a chance

21 Oct 2013

Multiple Choice

With some excellent editions and a spacious layout, Multiplied at Christie’s South Kensington is a welcome respite from a frenetic week

20 Oct 2013

Note PAD

PAD London continues to diversify, and there’s plenty to tempt visitors during this busiest of weeks

19 Oct 2013

S is for Spin-Off

Damien Hirst’s ABC book is cynical and culturally pointless, but it might just make a valuable impression regardless

14 Oct 2013

Fourth Plinth: A Taster

Six shortlisted artists have cooked up their plans for London’s Fourth Plinth

29 Sep 2013

Revolutionary Richmond?

The view from Richmond Hill has changed little since Turner brought landscape out from the background of British painting

15 Sep 2013


‘Les aventures de la vérité’ is a good opportunity squandered at the hands of Bernard-Henri Lévy

11 Sep 2013

Chickening Out

Katharina Fritsch’s blue cock should be commended for attracting genuine public interest without resorting to shock tactics beyond a bad pun

4 Sep 2013

Review: Inside Out

The Royal Academy’s exhibition devoted to Richard Rogers is justifiably – but perhaps excessively – ambitious

1 Sep 2013