Emma Crichton-Miller is a freelance journalist and an Apollo columnist

Margate Knot, (detail), (2016), Anna Ray.

Turning women’s work into art

Some of the 20th century’s greatest artists have worked in textiles – and most of them happen to have been women

15 Feb 2017
Eucharistic Dove

Collectors remain enamoured with Limoges enamels

Vibrant and intricate Limoges enamels from the 12th century are increasingly hard to come by, but collectors are willing to spend

28 Jan 2017
FAW786 – Thrusting Red (1959, Frank Avray Wilson

Highlights of BRAFA art fair

BRAFA pulls off the tricky task of subtly reinventing itself to suit changing tastes, while catering to every specialism

17 Jan 2017
Cambodian Dancer in Profile (1906/07), Auguste Rodin. Musée Rodin, Paris, France

How Rodin channelled the spirit of dance into his drawings and sculptures

A perfectly realised exhibition at the Courtauld Gallery in London explores Rodin’s obsession with dance and its expressive power

14 Dec 2016
St Stephen taken to his Martyrdom, (c. 1625-30), Andrea Vaccaro

The commercial and critical rise of the Caravaggisti

Caravaggio’s radical vision inspired a legion of followers across Europe, whose work is increasingly in the spotlight at museums and auction houses alike

13 Dec 2016
Moon jar (18th century; Korean, Joseon dynasty, 1392–1897)

Will Korean ceramics regain their value on the global market?

‘People put great stock in the history. Without it, these objects are worth much less.’

16 Nov 2016

Asian Art in London shows just how quickly this market has developed

From neolithic objects to contemporary art, the diversity of works on offer at Asian Art in London shows just how far this market has come

31 Oct 2016
Polar (1960), Lee Krasner. Stampede Sotheby’s New York, $3.2m. Apollo Magazine Collectors' Focus: Abstract Expressionism

Recognition at last for the women of Abstract Expressionism

‘They told me I would be more successful if I was a man, French, or dead.’

20 Oct 2016

There will always be a place for art books – in fact, they’re essential

Phaidon is revisiting its pioneering artists’ monographs with a series of ‘Classics’ that reaffirms the importance of art publishing, and how it’s changed

16 Sep 2016
The Temptation of Saint Anthony,

The Biennale des Antiquaires is for serious collectors

With previously unseen paintings by followers of Bosch and works by leading 20th-century Spanish artists, the fair has upped its game

Desire Scenery Series

The market is hot for contemporary Chinese ink painting

Contemporary Chinese ink painting is the perfect middleground between the old and the new

30 Aug 2016

Tribal art on its own terms

Originally associated with the modernist art of Picasso and Matisse, tribal art has experienced a surge in popularity with outstanding pieces now being valued as artworks in their own right

10 Aug 2016
Molar (2016), Jennifer Wen Ma. Photo: Barney Hindle, 2016 © Cass Sculpture Foundation

China meets the South Downs in a new departure for the Cass Sculpture Foundation

The 18 Chinese artists involved in ‘A Beautiful Disorder’ have created sculptures that deliberately disrupt our view of the English landscape

13 Jul 2016

Latin American art comes to London this summer

Alfredo Volpi is an unfamiliar name in the UK, but a cultural hero in Brazil. He is just one of the Latin American artists whose work is being discovered abroad

20 Jun 2016
T 1949-4,1949

The fall and rise of the second school of Paris

This loose group of European artists lost out to the American Abstract Expressionists in the 1960s. But are we seeing a revival of interest?

Giacometti Self-Portrait

Giacometti’s art channels the nervousness of an entire era

The Sainsbury Centre’s exhibition reveals an artist grappling with a sense of human frailty

18 May 2016
The Peaceable Kingdom with the Leopard of Serenity

The growing craze for American folk art

Collectors love it for its graphic power – and Europe’s growing interest in outsider art could widen the market

Tableau Rastadada (1920), Francis Picabia. © ADAGP, Paris and DACS London 2016

What is Dada? (And how much is it worth?)

Dada ‘anti-art’ works are deliberately contradictory. They’re also notoriously unpredictable when they come to market

A collection of Victorian drawings land in the UK

Leighton House proves a perfect backdrop for a remarkable collection of drawings

25 Feb 2016

The march of time at Modern Art Oxford: Celebrating 50 years

An ambitious year-long survey celebrates Modern Art Oxford’s great moments since its founding 50 years ago

11 Feb 2016

Strength in numbers: stars of Netherlandish drawing, from Frans Floris to Rubens

‘The absence of big names is one of the joys of the exhibition.’ A revelatory display of drawings puts works by lesser-known Netherlandish masters in the spotlight.

Ashmolean proves Venetian art was about more than just colour

Vasari was wrong: the Venetians could draw after all

21 Oct 2015

‘Watching this chaos unfurl’: Interview with Joanna Kirk

‘There is an element in my work that is a bit like bringing up small children’

22 Sep 2015

Black & White: Interview with William Kentridge

For the South African artist William Kentridge, everything begins with printmaking

28 Jul 2015