Gavin Stamp is an architectural historian and Apollo columnist

‘There is no other site like this in Europe’

The ideal community of Le Familistère was the result of one man’s unique vision. The vision failed, but its extraordinary architecture survives

15 Sep 2016
St Mary-at-Hill photographed on 12 May 1988, two days after a fire had destroyed most of the roof. Apollo magazine.

The unhappy fate of Christopher Wren’s city churches

They rose out of the ashes of the Great Fire of London and transformed the city, but several of Wren’s city churches have met with disaster themselves

2 Sep 2016
Agra, The Taj Mahal from the corner of the quadrangle

One of the world’s oldest photography studios is closing down

The Bourne & Shepherd studio in Kolkata has a long history, but fire and the advent of the digital age have closed it down. Thankfully, its legacy lives on

26 Jul 2016

Move over Merrie England… Shakespeare and architecture

Taking Shakespearean architecture seriously means looking beyond ‘Olden Time’ Tudor revival buildings

20 Jul 2016

The tragedy and triumph of a British architect in New Delhi

Arthur Gordon Shoosmith showed great promise but built very little – though he did design a magnificent church in New Delhi

31 May 2016
Stereocard depicting Balmoral Castle from the north-west (1863), George Washington Wilson (1823–90) & Co., Aberdeen. © National Museums Scotland

Why the history of photography starts north of the border

Photography flourished in Scotland during its early development in the mid 19th century

26 May 2016
The De La Warr Pavilion at Bexhill-on-Sea, opened in 1935 and successfully restored in 2003–05.

‘Why risk skin cancer when there’s architecture to enjoy?’

Large, long windows and a flat roof for sunbathing: is it any wonder that Britain’s early experiments with modernist architecture were by the sea?

27 Apr 2016

How a secret garden outshines Le Corbusier in Chandigarh

The self-taught Nek Chand created an extraordinary rock garden in Chandigarh and its survival is something of a miracle.

29 Mar 2016

The ‘grim’ social housing that has proved more robust than what followed it

George Peabody’s vision lives on, and we would do well to heed it today

1 Mar 2016

‘London is lucky to have the blue plaque scheme’

In praise of an London institution that was founded 150 years ago

4 Feb 2016