Gavin Stamp is an architectural historian and Apollo columnist

Protesting against a historical statue is not just childish – it’s bigoted, too

‘Attitudes change, fortunately, but…things we now find offensive cannot be airbrushed away.’

6 Jan 2016

Was there no Celtic Revival to vie with the Gothic?

‘The Celtic Revival in architecture depended upon ancient shrines, castles, and vernacular buildings’

21 Dec 2015

Bulgaria must not try to forget its past

Sofia has many important monuments – and they should not be removed or destroyed

30 Nov 2015

Creating a new architecture: Ödön Lechner in Hungary

Almost every great city seems to have produced one or perhaps two architects who escape the constraints of history: in Budapest it was Lechner

13 Nov 2015

St Peter’s Seminary in Cardross – better off ruined?

‘This undoubted failure has become a compelling monument’

10 Oct 2015

The lamentable loss of Britain’s pubs

There is no resisting fashion when it comes to places in which to drink

23 Jul 2015

The long wait for Britain’s Waterloo memorial

It’s taken 200 years for Britain to commemorate the dead

11 Jun 2015
The National Trust is launching an international design competition to restore Clandon Park, the 18th century Palladian house that was gutted by fire in 2015

Major blaze rips through Clandon Park

The great Palladian country house in Surrey has been very badly damaged

30 Apr 2015

Why London doesn’t need the Garden Bridge

The proposed Garden Bridge over the Thames is impractical as a park and misguided as a river crossing

20 Feb 2015

12 Days

The IWM’s First World War centenary programme is the rightful highlight among hundreds of events planned to mark the anniversary in 2014

3 Jan 2014