Matthew Sperling is the author of the novels ‘Astroturf’ and ‘Viral’ (both published by riverrun).

Prints and the ‘painterly’ object: Harland Miller’s limited editions

Why would one of the most painterly of contemporary painters decide to start issuing screenprints?

2 May 2014

‘I never got involved in drugs, or any of the wild goings-on’. Alex Katz on the US art scene

Alex Katz talks to Matthew Sperling about his memories of the New York School and his love of poetry

17 Apr 2014

‘I was pretty much seen as a bad Pop artist.’ Alex Katz speaks to Apollo

Extracts from our April issue, in which the celebrated painter discusses his life and work

6 Apr 2014

Enitharmon Editions

‘Makin’ lit’ry his-tor-y…’ Founded in 1967, Enitharmon Press is flourishing, and has adapted its publishing profile in recent years

28 Feb 2014

Affordable Art

A new 50p piece, designed by Tom Phillips to celebrate the centenary of Benjamin Britten’s birth, attempts to ‘set the wild echoes flying’

9 Jan 2014

Zervos Redux

Elegant and expensive, the republication of the Zervos Picasso Catalogue by Cahiers d’Art is a strange throwback to a very different era

9 Dec 2013

Open Book

The recent two-day symposium, ‘Art, Poetry and the Making of the Book’, brought together three veterans of British book-art with some new tricks

28 Nov 2013

Community of Risk

‘Uproar!’ From the creation of Eve to the kitchen sink, Ben Uri gallery celebrates the first 50 years of the London Group

19 Nov 2013

All American

MoMA dusts off some treasures in an attempt to prove that there is no ‘problem’ with its American collection

15 Oct 2013


British Pop art is experiencing something of a resurgence in the UK. What makes it so appealing?

24 Sep 2013