Art Diary

Bilbao and Painting

22 January 2021

While some museums are closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Apollo’s usual weekly pick of exhibitions will include shows at institutions that are currently open as well as digital projects providing virtual access to art and culture.

The city of Bilbao had a boom in the late 19th century, made prosperous by shipbuilding and trade. This show at the Guggenheim Bilbao (29 January–29 August) explores the work of Basque painters from the fin de siècle to the post-war era, and reveals how they were influenced by the different avant-gardes of the period. Panoramic views by 19th-century artists such as Adolfo Guiard and Ignacio Zuloaga shine a light on the rapidly industrialising city; seascapes reflect the central importance of the maritime economy; paintings of traditional folklore express nostalgia for a disappearing world. Highlights include José Arrue’s characterful portrait of the Athletico Bilbao football team from 1915. Find out more from the Guggenheim Bilbao’s website.

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Hunters at North Station (1887), Adolfo Guiard.

Hunters at North Station (1887), Adolfo Guiard. Colección Sociedad Bilbaina

Arratian Eve (1913), Aurelio Arteta.

Arratian Eve (1913), Aurelio Arteta. Colección Sociedad Bilbaina

The Team of the Athletic Club (1915), José Arrue.

The Team of the Athletic Club (1915), José Arrue. Colección Athletic Club Museoa-ren Bilduma; © José Arrue