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Your chance to win 'Cats in Art' by Desmond Morris (Reaktion Books)

This week’s competition prize is Cats in Art by Desmond Morris, published by Reaktion Books (£25). Click here for your chance to win.

The cat has been a favourite subject of artists across cultures from prehistory to the present day. A 7,000 year-old rock engraving in Libya shows the oldest catfight in feline art; Babylonians believed that the souls of priests were escorted to paradise by a helpful cat; Pablo Picasso often portrayed cats as savage predators; while Victorian cats were shown in loving family groups with mothers caring for their kittens.

In this lavishly illustrated book, Desmond Morris tells the compelling story of cats in art, tracing it from ancient rock paintings and Egyptian art to the work of Old Masters, modenist representations and cartoons, as well as Naive and Outsider art.

For your chance to win simply answer the following question and submit your details here before midday on 27 October.

Q: Which 19th-century French painter had a black cat called Zizi, which appears in several of his works?

For our last competition prize we offered Charles Tunnicliffe, Prints: A Catalogue Raisonné’ by Robert Meyrick and Harry Heuser (Royal Academy of Arts). The question was:

Q: Who is the author of Tarka the Otter (1927), for which Charles Tunnicliffe produced illustrations in 1932?

Answer: Henry Williamson

Congratulations to the winner, Alice Forward

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