The Reading Room of the National Library of Ireland, Dublin. The library has been allocated €23m by the Irish government to upgrade its facilities.

Ireland is finally splashing out on its heritage – but why now?

The Irish government has announced a grand investment package for the country’s culture sector. But is it too little, too late?

29 May 2018
Illustration by Graham Roumieu/Dutch Uncle

Should museums display artworks that feature live animals?

Victoria Dailey and Giovanni Aloi consider if there is any place for live animals in modern museums

29 May 2018

Learning from the Wallace Collection

The joy of the Wallace Collection is that there’s always more to learn about its holdings – but its new exhibition space is welcome

29 May 2018

Museum leadership in a time of crisis

Why we need agile cultural leadership to meet the challenges of a volatile world

28 May 2018
Diamond and synthetic ruby tiara (1913), Henri Lavabre for Cartier. Victoria and Albert Museum, London

The very human quest to capture the natural lure of gemstones

From simulants to synthetics, artificial gemstones have come a long way over the centuries

21 May 2018
Art Basel Miami Beach, 2016. Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

We need a more equal art market – it would be better for everyone

Growing disparity among dealers and gallerists is an unhealthy trend for the market as a whole

18 May 2018
Inside the Judge Business School, Cambridge, designed by John Outram, which has received a Grade II* listing. © Historic England

Postmodern architecture wasn’t meant to last – but now it’s part of the establishment

Historic England has given its official stamp of approval to 17 postmodern buildings

18 May 2018
Shia LaBeouf wearing a paper bag on his head at the premiere of the film ‘Nymphomaniac (I)’

Please stop calling celebrities performance artists – they really aren’t

It’s time to stop using the art form to justify the attention-seeking antics of figures such as Shia LaBeouf and Kanye West

10 May 2018
I Want My Time With You (2018), Tracey Emin.

Tracey Emin airs her feelings at St Pancras station

Boundaries between the personal and the political are broken down in Emin’s new public artwork

2 May 2018

Are museums too preoccupied by visitor numbers?

League tables of museum visitor numbers may generate a lot of media coverage – but do they distract institutions from other priorities?

23 Apr 2018

Can a local authority really get rid of 90 per cent of its art?

Once part of a pioneering schools loan programme, most of Hertfordshire County Council’s art collection looks set to be flogged off

5 Apr 2018

Have museums been too generous with naming rights?

With the culture sector increasingly relying on philanthropic giving, the role of the donor may merit greater scrutiny

26 Mar 2018
Illustration by Graham Roumieu/Dutch Uncle

Are undergraduate degrees in curating useful?

Janna Graham and Niru Ratnam weigh in on whether curating is something that can, or should, be taught

22 Mar 2018
5Pointz on 19 November 2013.

Street artists in the US have more rights than they thought

The 5Pointz case sets a new standard for artists seeking to assert their moral rights

15 Mar 2018
Bouquet of Tulips (rendering; 2017), Jeff Koons.

How Jeff Koons sold out – and why his jumbo tulips don’t belong in Paris

The artist’s changing relationship to consumer culture can make it difficult to interpret his work

14 Mar 2018
Barack and Michelle Obama at the unveiling ceremony for their portraits at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, Washington D.C., on 12 February 2018.

The crowd-pulling power of the Obama portraits

Form an orderly queue to see Barack and Michelle Obama’s official portraits

6 Mar 2018

Museum collections in the UK need a brand new strategy

Both the Mendoza Review and David Cannadine’s recent ‘Why Collect?’ report are too limited in scope

21 Feb 2018
In the Artist’s Studio (1920), Carl Johann Spielter.

Artists’ models are real people – we mustn’t forget this when we look at art

Recent debates over the art of Chuck Close, Balthus, and others remind us of the intertwined nature of ethics and aesthetics

14 Feb 2018
A section of the Bayeux Tapestry.

Why bringing the Bayeux Tapestry to Britain is a mammoth task

The 1000-year-old embroidery will have to move while its French home undergoes renovations, but should it be coming to the UK?

The Louvre. Photo: Dennis Jarvis/Wikimedia Commons

Why the Louvre needs a Byzantine art section

As the popularity of recent shows proves, Paris is ready for a permanent space devoted to Byzantine art and its influence

2 Feb 2018
Turning The Place Over (2007), Richard Wilson. The work was built into the condemned Cross Keys House in Moorfields as part of the Capital of Culture for 2008, in June 2007 in Liverpool, England.

Has Liverpool squandered the legacy of its year as city of culture?

Ten years on from its tenure as European Capital of Culture, the city and its heritage face a precarious future

1 Feb 2018
Graham Roumieu/Dutch Uncle

Should Britain stop building museums?

A recent government report says it should – but with limited public funding available, can Britain’s existing museums grow?

29 Jan 2018

What the end of net neutrality might mean for museums

The vote to repeal net neutrality in the US poses a problem for museums trying to connect with new audiences

15 Jan 2018

Nicola Gordon Bowe (1948–2018)

The scholar, teacher and advocate of the applied arts of 20th-century Ireland has died at the age of 69

11 Jan 2018