Who’s in the running to lead Italy’s top museums? A look at the shortlists

Culture minister Dario Franceschini has 20 very big decisions to make

14 Jul 2015

‘A Folly for London’ seeks absurd alternatives to the Garden Bridge

Essays, politics and public anger can only go so far: humour helps too

13 Jul 2015

Public Relations: Adam Buck’s Regency portrait miniatures

The height of his popularity was also the beginning of the end

13 Jul 2015

Baltic diary: Art, nature and national identity

Artists explore how society is shaped by the natural environment in the Baltic region

12 Jul 2015

Theft threatens the future of Britain’s historic churches

In the face of targeted metal, stone and art theft, many churches see no option but to lock their doors

9 Jul 2015

What are the challenges facing young artists today?

Creative freedom, but limited resources: starting out in the art world can be a blessing and a curse

7 Jul 2015

Is the art market unhealthy?

Some major art dealers are calling it quits, others have joined forces. Who’s saying what about the changing state of the industry?

3 Jul 2015

New scheme to get work by female artists into museums

Valeria Napoleone and the Contemporary Art Society are taking a proactive approach to a protracted issue

2 Jul 2015

Signing up to the Hague Convention will do nothing to stop ISIS

Let’s stop pretending the treaty alone can make a difference

30 Jun 2015

The Problem with Colour: Charles Le Brun between Academy and Gobelins

Colour in 17th-century France was a dirty but essential business

30 Jun 2015

Does the art market need more regulation?

Recent art market commentary presents a new and unusual crisis: too much money

29 Jun 2015

Letter from Calcutta

Industry never came, but houses and neighbourhoods were destroyed

29 Jun 2015

Is a $179 million Picasso cause for celebration?

The art market bubble continues to rise

29 Jun 2015

Guggenheim Helsinki should not see the light of day

Moreau Kusunoki’s designs look nice, but the public shouldn’t have to pay

23 Jun 2015

Editor’s Letter: Scuppered Plans

Public pressure can have a tangible impact on unpopular development proposals

19 Jun 2015

Where is performance’s place in museum collections?

Museums are waking up to its potential, and its challenges

18 Jun 2015

Baltic Diary: Making Art Work in Finland

Can Finland’s art scene survive in the face of declining public funding, lack of economic security, and oversupply of labour?

14 Jun 2015

Is Culture Bigger Than Politics? The British Museum and Abu Dhabi

The ‘Museum for the World’ is a noble but dangerous ideal

10 Jun 2015

Tate Britain: A Poisoned Chalice?

New director will need to boost visitor numbers and restore morale

9 Jun 2015

Public art, private funds: can Oslo learn from Christian Ringnes’ sculpture park?

Changing Norwegian attitudes to privately-funded art

9 Jun 2015

Walking a Fine Line: London’s new sculpture trail

The Line is a great concept, but it’s not without teething problems

4 Jun 2015

Cuba’s censorship of Tania Bruguera’s art makes her message more powerful

In a way, the disruption completes the performance

2 Jun 2015