Where will London’s artists work?

As London’s former industrial areas are being redeveloped, artists are running out of affordable studio space. Can a city be a thriving cultural centre if its artists have nowhere to work?

21 Dec 2015

The search is on for England’s missing public sculptures

Public sculpture was one marker of an ambitious, aspirant and generous society, the kind of world that we urgently need to be reminded of

16 Dec 2015

Why are there no Young French Artists?

We may wait years for another generation of French talents to compare with Annette Messager and her contemporaries

16 Dec 2015

The BBC should know better about university museums

A misleading story reflects a deeper problem in how museum news is reported in the general press

14 Dec 2015

New York exhibitions to see before Christmas

Take a break from Christmas shopping to take in some art

13 Dec 2015

Art critics have ignored the condition of artworks for too long

Judging the quality of a work should involve some appreciation of its current condition

30 Nov 2015

Bulgaria must not try to forget its past

Sofia has many important monuments – and they should not be removed or destroyed

30 Nov 2015

Are artists justified in boycotting Israel?

Calls for cultural and academic boycotts of Israel continue to hit the headlines. Should we regard such politically charged stances as divisive or necessary for change?

30 Nov 2015
Blythe House in west London, where the British Museum currently holds some 2,000 objects in storage.

Autumn Statement brings relief but also unanswered questions for the arts

Arts sector funding fared surprisingly well in the latest spending review, but questions remain, not least over the fate of municipal museums

27 Nov 2015

It is hard to overstate the gravity of the Castelvecchio thefts

The loss of 17 masterpieces is a disaster for the Italian museum sector

25 Nov 2015

What next for the Serpentine?

The retirement of co-director Julia Peyton-Jones comes at a time when the Serpentine and other London institutions are at a turning point

20 Nov 2015

Is cultural destruction a matter for the International Criminal Court?

Al Faqi’s trial for alleged destruction in Timbuktu is a humanitarian issue: the art is incidental

11 Nov 2015

An Unexpected Discovery at the Royal Academy

The long lost Charter of the Society of Artists has been found in a box of ‘Artists’ Memorabilia’

Art Masters of Instagram: 9 Accounts Worth Following

Artists, curators, collectors and dealers are flocking to it. Who should you be watching?

3 Nov 2015

Editor’s Letter: Spirituality in Modern Art

The Palazzo Strozzi’s ‘Divine Beauty’ exhibition presents a complex and engaging vision of modern sacred art

23 Oct 2015

Museums should embrace event art’s mass appeal

James Turrell’s light show at Houghton Hall is the perfect example of how event art can be truly illuminating

19 Oct 2015

A rare Constable comes to market

A ‘six-footer’ version of Constable’s The Lock has come to market for the first time in 160 years. But who will want to take this monumental painting home?

19 Oct 2015

We can’t ‘save’ Smithson’s Spiral Jetty, and it would be wrong to try

Art constructed in nature must be subordinate to it

8 Oct 2015

Kapoor’s moral right to keep hateful graffiti in place: a legal perspective

A look at the legal issues underpinning the story of Anish Kapoor’s vandalised ‘Dirty Corner’

7 Oct 2015

Don’t want your public sculpture to get copied? Then make better public sculpture

Rachel Whiteread’s ‘House’ would never work as a Chinese knock-off

6 Oct 2015

A Summer of Blunders at the French Culture Ministry

The sudden sacking of Nicolas Bourriaud suggests a fundamental misunderstanding of the art world

Could the antiquities trade do more to combat looting?

As the destruction of archaeological sites in Syria and Iraq continues, what can dealers of legal antiquities do to end the trade in illegally obtained artefacts, and the looting it encourages?

28 Sep 2015

Ambitious plans for Gainsborough’s birthplace

Can a small museum in a Suffolk market town become a major centre for the study of the artist’s work?

24 Sep 2015