Editor’s Letter: Anniversary Years

Clusters of centenary exhibitions and publications may well bring new material to light. But what do they tell us about the way we think now?

1 Jun 2015

Are Italy’s museum reforms enough to stop the rot?

Red tape, nepotism, funding shortages…The Italian museum system has long been in need of an overhaul

1 Jun 2015

Have the SuicideGirls trumped Richard Prince?

An inventive 21st-century response to copyright infringement

30 May 2015

Why does Palmyra matter?

There’s been global concern over the fate of Palmyra after ISIS seized the site. Why are its ancient ruins so significant?

29 May 2015

Crossing paths: the chance meeting that spawned ‘River Crossings’

It all started in 1995 when a jet-lagged Stephen Hannock walked into the Met

29 May 2015

Casting a Queen: Louis XIV’s forgotten wife

Too well behaved to be remembered: a rare bust of Marie-Thérèse offers a glimpse of the Sun King’s consort

26 May 2015

Which visual artist should be on the £20 banknote?

We have a few ideas…

20 May 2015

Chris Burden’s final work takes flight

Evan Moffitt on the artist’s legacy and his final creation, ‘Ode to Santos Dumont’, at LACMA

19 May 2015

Selling the collection to save the house: Russborough and Irish heritage

Ireland should be more concerned over the dispersal of its cultural heritage

18 May 2015

Avert your Eyes: Censored Art Masterpieces

The Picasso painting censored by Fox 5 News is just the latest major artwork to be deemed indecent

18 May 2015

London Diary

Hockney’s psychedelic new creations at Annely Juda; Thomas Struth’s exceptional photographs at Marian Goodman; and Andre Kertesz at James Hyman

17 May 2015

Tretyakov Gallery searched in Moscow art smuggling investigation

We asked Russian art expert James Butterwick for comment

13 May 2015

The Very Best of the Venice Biennale

Visiting Venice? Don’t miss these shows

The manipulative imagery of the Bali Nine executions

How art has been used as a pawn in the crisis

6 May 2015

Art and the Election

What have politicians promised; how are artists getting involved; and is anything likely to improve for the culture sector?

6 May 2015

Ed Vaizey and museum professionals face off at pre-election hustings

It might have been an entertaining clash were there not so much at stake

1 May 2015

Michelle Obama’s challenge to museums

The First Lady called on US museums to widen access at the Whitney’s ribbon-cutting ceremony

1 May 2015

Changing of the guard: who will lead the UK’s museums?

Young and international: is a new type of director coming to London?

1 May 2015
The National Trust is launching an international design competition to restore Clandon Park, the 18th century Palladian house that was gutted by fire in 2015

Major blaze rips through Clandon Park

The great Palladian country house in Surrey has been very badly damaged

30 Apr 2015

Vote Art! Why artists are getting involved in the UK election

Does art have an important role to play in the upcoming UK election? Perhaps

28 Apr 2015

Diary: the crisis facing regional museums

Whatever the outcome of the UK’s general election, funding for museums will not increase. How can they adapt?

27 Apr 2015

Making it New: the trend for recreating exhibitions

What’s behind the current appetite for reinstalling, re-exhibiting, and restaging landmark shows?

27 Apr 2015