New Year’s Revelations

Limerick’s first week as Ireland’s City of Culture has been a deliciously absurdist shambles as both the artistic director and CEO resign

8 Jan 2014

Lunch with Rex Whistler

The Expedition in Pursuit of Rare Meats at Tate Britain’s restaurant is more inviting than ever…

7 Jan 2014

12 Days

Restoration work on Sainte-Chapelle’s splendid stained glass windows is almost complete, in time for the 800th anniversary of the birth of Louis IX

6 Jan 2014

12 Days

The Bard Graduate Center’s marvellous exhibition ‘William Kent: Designing Georgian Britain’ arrives at the V&A this spring, and should not be missed

5 Jan 2014

12 Days

‘Rembrandt: The Final Years’, at National Gallery in London and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, promises to show the artist at his most profound

4 Jan 2014

12 Days

The IWM’s First World War centenary programme is the rightful highlight among hundreds of events planned to mark the anniversary in 2014

3 Jan 2014

12 Days

Kiefer at the RA, Veronese at the National Gallery, and Olafur Eliasson at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art promise to be wonderful exhibitions

2 Jan 2014

12 Days

An exquisite bag, possibly the oldest lady’s handbag in the world, is the unmissable centrepiece of ‘Court And Craft’ at the Courtauld Gallery, London

1 Jan 2014

12 Days

The opening of the Liang Yi Museum in Hong Kong, and key new publications and gallery displays at the V&A, will shine a spotlight on the decorative arts

31 Dec 2013

12 Days

Hannah Höch, the German Renaissance, and Joana Vasconcelos – three very different, but equally enticing, exhibitions coming up in 2014

30 Dec 2013

12 Days

Matisse’s cut-outs are extraordinary bursts of expression, and they are sure to be a major highlight when they go on display at the Tate Modern

29 Dec 2013

12 Days

LACMA will showcase the overlooked local artists Helen Pashgian and John Altoon in 2014, while several commercial galleries in LA open new premises

28 Dec 2013

12 Days

‘Discoveries’ at Two Temple Place, ‘El Greco’s Library’ at the Prado, and ‘Silent Partners’ at the Fitzwilliam Museum take on unlikely but fascinating subjects

27 Dec 2013

12 Days

New biographies of Whistler and Piero della Francesca, and Mike Leigh’s biopic of J.M.W. Turner promise to show each artist in a new light next year

26 Dec 2013

Rich Tea

‘Taste and Essence: Chinese and Western Historical Tea Pieces’ at the Macao Museum of Art looks at the rich history of tea-drinking in the East and West

24 Dec 2013

Caring for Kenwood

Kenwood House has been sympathetically if subtly restored; but will it become a burden in the proposed English Heritage shake-up?

23 Dec 2013

White Walled Cage

The reification of ‘revolutionary’ work by John Cage and the Fluxus artists at MoMA is unsettlingly contradictory. The artist is dead. Long live the artist!

22 Dec 2013

National Treasure?

The Reith Lectures may have confirmed him as a national treasure, but Grayson Perry retains a sharp realist edge

20 Dec 2013
Country Club: Chicken Wire

Exotic Dangers

While Hurvin Anderson’s paintings tease out the complexities of relocation and displacement, Peter Doig’s risk sliding into exoticism

19 Dec 2013

Digital Pathways

Now that so many visitors have smart phones, museums can use digital tools to encourage engagement well beyond the gallery walls

17 Dec 2013

A Sentimental Lot

The Irish are a sentimental people, and the sale of Alfred Grey’s clumsy painting ‘The Emigrants’ Farewell’ at Adam’s last week just proves it

11 Dec 2013

The Talented Mr Shrigley?

Absurdist, accessible and completely unmistakeable, Brand Shrigley is everywhere, and more power to him – within reason…

9 Dec 2013

Zervos Redux

Elegant and expensive, the republication of the Zervos Picasso Catalogue by Cahiers d’Art is a strange throwback to a very different era

9 Dec 2013

Moving the Museum

The Whitney Museum of American Art is moving downtown. Apollo was granted a sneak peek at the new Renzo Piano-designed home for American art

4 Dec 2013