Footage released by ISIS this week appears to show the destruction of the Temple of Nabu in Iraq.

ISIS destroys Temple of Nabu in Iraq

New footage released this week shows the militants detonating explosives at the site, and concludes with a threat to ‘demolish’ the pyramids at Giza

10 Jun 2016

Committed to memory: the art of Doris Salcedo

Doris Salcedo makes monuments to the victims of political violence – out of chairs, sewing needles, and rose petals.

4 Jun 2016
Quickeners (film still)

The Sobey Art Award shortlist has been announced

Five artists are in the running for Canada’s prestigious contemporary art prize

1 Jun 2016

How Tate Modern transformed London – and beyond

As Tate Modern’s new extension is unveiled, leading curators, museum directors, and critics consider how the institution has shaped the audience for art since it first opened

31 May 2016
Noviembre 6 y 7 (2002), Doris Salcedo

It’s the job of both artists and museums to reevaluate the past

Art can play a key role in recovering forgotten or neglected histories, and challenging received ideas

31 May 2016

‘800 years of oppression!’ Ireland’s contemporary art biennial

The latest edition of EVA International tackles issues of postcolonialism at home and abroad

31 May 2016

Time regained: a lost rococo clock is found

An outstanding 18th-century clock made for a Hanoverian prince has resurfaced

31 May 2016
John and Minnie Constable looking into the fire ‘All Hallows Eve’ (John Constable, Minnie Constable)

Acquisitions of the Month: May 2016

May’s acquisitions include rare signed etchings by Picasso and photography by the Victorian pioneer Oscar Gustav Rejlander

30 May 2016

Refreshingly partisan: David King’s homage to John Heartfield

The graphic designer, writer, editor, photographer, and researcher David King died earlier this month. His last book was a collection of John Heartfield’s pioneering photo montages

29 May 2016
Art Museum Gösta Serlachius

Factories, fine art and starry skies in rural Finland

The Serlachius Museums in Mänttä are an admirable example of how art can flourish outside Helsinki

25 May 2016

‘Conservative in art, radical in politics’: James Boswell and the Artists’ International Association

Boswell’s acutely observed satires sum up the social and political issues of the 1930s

25 May 2016

The man who gathered the many moods of Venice

Vittorio Cini collected remarkable Venetian paintings, which have never been publicly exhibited together – until now

20 May 2016

Around the galleries: what to watch out for this month

Collaboration is the order of the day in Brussels and Paris, where several art fairs are joining forces. Meanwhile, London gears up for Art16

16 May 2016
What's going on with museum funding in the US?

What’s going on with museum funding in the US?

Which museums are raking it in? And which ones are facing a deficit?

13 May 2016
View of SFMOMA from Yerba Buena Gardens

SFMOMA reopens at the heart of San Francisco’s booming art scene

With 3,000 new works, a major extension, and an ingenious way of working with collectors, SFMOMA is becoming a modern art museum to rival all others

12 May 2016

François Morellet (1926–2016)

François Morellet, one of France’s most illustrious artists, has died at the age of 90

11 May 2016

Marisol Escobar: 1930–2016

Marisol’s powerful, Pop-inspired sculptures deserve to be far better known, particularly outside the US

10 May 2016
Lick and Lather

Acquisitions of the Month: April 2016

The National Portrait Gallery and Pallant House both benefit from the acceptance in lieu scheme, while LACMA gets an impressive new haul

6 May 2016
David Attenborough at the Attenborough Arts Centre for the opening of the new gallery.

There’s more to Leicester than football…

What else is going on in the home of the famous Foxes? Culturally, there’s a lot to see

5 May 2016
Cupid on a Dolphin mosaic at Fishbourne Roman Palace.

Roman Britain when you least expect it

Who’d have thought that a barn conversion could lead to one of the most important Roman discoveries in Britain?

5 May 2016
South London and Maudsley CEO Matthew Patrick with Grayson Perry at the Bethlem Museum of the Mind, London.

The Art Fund’s shortlist for Museum of the Year has been announced

The nominees range from small local museums, to a 100-acre outdoor museum and one of the UK’s biggest institutions

29 Apr 2016

Are there too many Renaissance exhibitions?

Exhibitions about the Italian Renaissance have never been more popular, but is the difficulty of securing loans leading to some very diffuse shows?

27 Apr 2016

Is London’s skyscraper boom damaging the city?

Peter Murray and Gillian Darley debate whether London’s changing skyline is leaching the city’s history

27 Apr 2016
Cave 320, south wall, depiction of the Aparimitāyus Sutra

The sacred, ancient grottoes where world cultures came together

An enormous project to preserve, study and replicate the cave temples of Dunhuang lies behind the Getty’s latest exhibition

27 Apr 2016