John Harrison (1693–1776) (detail; 1767), Thomas King.

How men of science wanted to be seen

Portraits of scientific figures such as Isaac Newton and John Harrison reveal their shifting cultural status

Diary: November Apollo

On the mixed fortunes of New Contemporaries

21 Nov 2014

Imran Qureshi: November Apollo

Apollo talks to Imran Qureshi ahead of his major UK exhibition at Ikon

14 Nov 2014

Forum: Is the Turner Prize still relevant at 30?

The Turner Prize turns 30 this year – but does it continue to represent the best of contemporary British art?

5 Nov 2014

Inquiry: The Asian Biennial Boom

It’s easy to be sceptical about the art biennial boom in Asia. But how have the unconventional spaces of such events shaped artists’ practices in the region?

31 Oct 2014

Asian Art in London: November Apollo

London’s seminal Asian art initiative embraces the market’s new globalism, but connoisseurship remains at the heart of the event

29 Oct 2014

Editor’s Letter: The architecture of display

In a region that lacks a strong museum culture, Asia has looked towards alternative ways of displaying contemporary art

28 Oct 2014

On the recent thefts from Italian museums

On the recent art thefts in Italy

27 Oct 2014

Forum: Are online auctions the future of the art trade?

Earlier this year, the Hiscox Online Art Trade Report estimated the value of the online art trade in 2013 to…

24 Oct 2014

Adriano Pedrosa: October Apollo

Adriano Pedrosa talks to Apollo about his Spotlight selections for Frieze Masters

16 Oct 2014

Frieze Masters: October Apollo

Frieze Week wouldn’t be Frieze without Frieze Masters

13 Oct 2014

Diary: October Apollo

Gavin Turk on the legacy of Marcel Duchamp

6 Oct 2014

Inquiry: art law and attribution

Do art historians and other art authenticators need greater legal protection?

1 Oct 2014
Timothy Spall as J.M.W. Turner in Mike Leigh's biopic of the artist, 'Mr. Turner' (2014), Courtesy Entertainment One

Editor’s Letter: Turner mania

As the Art Fund appeals to save Wedgwood, will anything be done to secure one of Turner’s major works for a national collection when it goes up for sale at Sotheby’s?

25 Sep 2014

Diary: September Apollo

In Apollo’s September Diary, Christopher Rowell celebrates 50 years of the Furniture History Society

25 Sep 2014

Brussels Art Square: September Apollo

Brussels Art Square is bolstered by a new initiative to encourage international visitors

22 Sep 2014

From the Archives: September Apollo

The Warburg Institute in London was celebrated in the October 1970 issue of Apollo. But as custodianship of the organisation comes under scrutiny, its future hangs in the balance

9 Sep 2014

Inquiry: Hard times for the UK’s regional museums?

From the outside, the UK’s regional museums may look to be in rude health. But how have recent funding cuts affected what’s happening behind the scenes?

3 Sep 2014

Editor’s Letter: A historic business

The contemporary art trade may seem like a funny old business but historically it has played an integral role in the development of Western art

30 Aug 2014

‘It’s a building that only reveals itself by experience’. Inside the Clark Art Institute

After its long-awaited redevelopment, the Clark has unveiled an impressive new building designed by Tadao Ando alongside refurbished galleries by Annabelle Selldorf

20 Aug 2014

John Ruskin’s second career

Extract for our July/August Diary by Ruskin expert Robert Hewison

27 Jul 2014

Diary: June Apollo

Extract from our June Diary by David Saunders, Keeper of Conservation and Scientific Research at the British Museum

12 Jul 2014

Cover Story: July/August Apollo

How many people, in the art world and beyond, are able to distinguish Gilbert Proesch from George Passmore?

10 Jul 2014