Art and Azerbaijan: interview with YARAT’s Aida Mahmudova

YARAT’s director discusses ‘Love Me, Love Me Not’ in Baku

22 Apr 2014

‘I never got involved in drugs, or any of the wild goings-on’. Alex Katz on the US art scene

Alex Katz talks to Matthew Sperling about his memories of the New York School and his love of poetry

17 Apr 2014

Interview: Polly Bielecka discusses ‘Sculpture in the Home’ at Pangolin

In the 1940s and ’50s, a series of touring exhibitions brought modern British sculpture in from the cold

13 Apr 2014

‘I was pretty much seen as a bad Pop artist.’ Alex Katz speaks to Apollo

Extracts from our April issue, in which the celebrated painter discusses his life and work

6 Apr 2014

Christophe Leribault, Petit Palais, Paris: April Apollo

In Apollo’s April issue we spoke to Christophe Leribault, director of the Petit Palais in Paris

2 Apr 2014

Michael Craig-Martin at Chatsworth: March Apollo

In Apollo’s March issue we spoke to Michael Craig-Martin ahead of his exhibition at Chatsworth House

21 Mar 2014

‘Deliberate Clichés’: An Interview with Matthew Darbyshire

‘There’s nothing particularly radical or subversive in ridiculing the classical’. Matthew Darbyshire discusses art history, appropriation, contemporary clichés

18 Mar 2014

Small Wonders: The Oskar Reinhart Collection ‘Am Römerholz’

A finely honed selection of masterpieces of European art

Small Wonders: The Ingram Collection

The Ingram Collection is a private collection of modern and contemporary British art, on display at the Lightbox in Woking

18 Feb 2014

Small Wonders: Musée Bourdelle

Amélie Simier introduces the Musée Bourdelle in Paris

12 Feb 2014

Richard Deacon: February Apollo

Zoe Pilger talks to the sculptor Richard Deacon, whose retrospective exhibition opened recently at Tate Britain

11 Feb 2014

Small Wonders: Penlee House

6000 years of Cornish history in one museum: Louise Connell introduces Penlee House Gallery & Museum in Penzance

1 Feb 2014

Art/Work: Jesus College, Cambridge

I’m fortunate to work in a college with an exceptional art collection…it’s impossible to plan a route to work that doesn’t include one or two gems

30 Jan 2014

Dealer’s Choice: Sandra Hindman

Sandra Hindman, the owner of Les Enluminures, speaks to Apollo about medieval manuscripts and her own (modern) collection

22 Jan 2014

Small Wonders: Jerwood Gallery

Liz Gilmore speaks to Apollo about the Jerwood Gallery in Hastings – a new addition to a network of South East coastal galleries in the UK

19 Jan 2014

Dealer’s Choice: Peter Osborne

Peter Osborne of Osborne Samuel Gallery speaks to Apollo before the opening of the London Art Fair

13 Jan 2014

Small Wonders: Watts Gallery

Perdita Hunt introduces the Watts Gallery in Compton, Surrey

18 Dec 2013

Small Wonders: The Bowes Museum

Adrian Jenkins introduces the Bowes Museum in Barnard Castle, Teesdale

10 Dec 2013

Small Wonders: Fry Art Gallery

David Oelman, chairman of the Fry Art Gallery in Saffron Walden, speaks to Apollo

4 Dec 2013

Art/Work: Thomas Rüschen

Art can be an important feature in the workplace. In a new series, Apollo asks people what it means to them

25 Nov 2013

Dealer’s Choice: Capucine Montanari

Capucine Montanari, of the Amadeo Montanari Gallery in Paris, speaks to Apollo

15 Nov 2013

Dealer’s Choice: Maurizio Canesso

Maurizio Canesso, president of Paris Tableau and founder of Galerie Canesso in Paris, speaks to Apollo

13 Nov 2013

Dealer’s Choice: Helen Linfield

Helen Linfield of Wakelin & Linfield speaks to Apollo on the eve of the Winter Fine Arts and Antiques Fair

3 Nov 2013

PAD Dealer’s Choice: Richard Nagy

Richard Nagy, one of the exhibitors at PAD London this week, speaks to Apollo

18 Oct 2013