London Diary

London Diary

Thank god for September. The art year has kicked off like a mule with a grievance

14 Sep 2015

London Diary

Zzzzzzz. That, in brief, is the most accurate way to sum up London at the moment

25 Aug 2015

London Diary

London is now stuck in the August doldrums. I’d complain about it more if only I could muster the energy

9 Aug 2015

London Diary

Thrilling and thoughtful work by an Angolan collective puts shows by Marc Quinn and Joseph Cornell in the shade

21 Jul 2015

London Diary

Alexander McQueen’s exquisite tailoring; the Serpentine’s slightly shabby pavilion; Andy Warhol’s money-worship; and Kallos gallery’s exceptional ancient art

5 Jul 2015

London Diary: 5 April

Tracey Emin’s bed, Isa Genzken’s money, NS Harsha’s space cows, and Roger Ackling’s ‘Simple Gifts’

5 Apr 2015

London Diary: 22 March

Traces of the World Trade Centre in London; counterculturalism and Robert Fraser; and Hauser & Wirth’s space in Somerset

22 Mar 2015

London Diary: 8 March

Mary Moore vs the YBAs; this month’s most covetable exhibition catalogue; and Alex Katz’s trousers

8 Mar 2015

London Diary: 22 February

Digby Warde-Aldam explores what London has to offer, from contemporary abstract painting to Sargent’s most disquieting portraits

22 Feb 2015

London Diary: 17 October

Frith Street Gallery moves back to Frith Street, and Multiplied opens at Christie’s

17 Oct 2014