The scars of war: ‘Conflict, Time, Photography’ at Tate

Tate’s exhibition aims not to shock, but to contemplate the lasting effects of conflict on the people and places affected

18 Dec 2014

‘Wojciech Fangor. Colour-Light-Space’ curated by de Pury de Pury

One of Poland’s most highly regarded living artists presents mesmerising large canvases of shimmering colour

17 Dec 2014

A Woven Palette: ‘Spectacular Rubens’ at the Getty

Designed by Rubens at the height of his career, these exuberant tapestries are remarkably painterly

16 Dec 2014

Muse Reviews: 14 December

Tapestries in the Prado, the Getty and the Met; Deller’s take on Warhol and Morris; and immersive works by both Pipilotti Rist and Moholy-Nagy

14 Dec 2014

Cooper Hewitt Museum reopens in New York

Thanks to a meticulous and inventive renovation project, the US now has a really good national museum of design

12 Dec 2014

Pipilotti Rist’s enveloping videos at Hauser & Wirth

Rist’s work is overtly sensual, and places the visitor’s own body at its centre

11 Dec 2014

Moholy-Nagy’s pioneering multi-sensory art

Today’s museums work hard to develop interactive, immersive and sensory displays: but Moholy-Nagy got there first

10 Dec 2014

The Prado, the Getty and the Metropolitan Museum celebrate the art of tapestry

Now is the time to see some of the most spectacular tapestries around

9 Dec 2014

Go With The Flow: William Morris and Andy Warhol at Modern Art Oxford

All three artists emerge as experts in self-branding. On the whole, I’m sold

9 Dec 2014

Muse Reviews: 7 December

Moroni’s self-conscious sitters; Warhol’s ephemera; and Sugimoto’s deceptive diaoramas

7 Dec 2014

Mapping the contemporary: Bloomberg New Contemporaries vs. Tomorrow: London

Last week brought two shows to London that claim to present the scope of new contemporary art being made in…

4 Dec 2014

The Way of All Flesh: Berlinde de Bruyckere

Can treatment of flesh in sculpture only aspire to a condition of deadness?

2 Dec 2014

Review: ‘Hiroshi Sugimoto: Still Life’ at Pace Gallery, London

Sugimoto’s photographs of museum dioramas draws attention to the deceptive potential of photography and art

28 Nov 2014

Review: ‘Basic Design: A Revolution in Art Education’ at the Hatton Gallery

Art education has come a long way since the 1950s. Is the Basic Design ‘revolution’ a little dated?

27 Nov 2014

Review: CRW Nevinson’s ‘Rebel Visions’ at the Barber Institute

A small but powerful collection of Nevinson’s visions of war

26 Nov 2014

From the mass market to the museum: ‘Warhol Mania’ in Montreal

Warhol not only made art about mass consumption, he made art for mass consumption too

25 Nov 2014

Review: Moroni’s self-conscious sitters at the Royal Academy

Moroni is a master of fine fabrics and awkward expressions

24 Nov 2014

Muse Reviews: 23 November

Paul Nash’s watercolours; Manet and contemporary art; photographers’ contact sheets; and Beatrice Gibson’s disorderly films

23 Nov 2014

Review: ‘Beatrice Gibson, F For Fibonacci’ at Laura Bartlett Gallery

Gibson’s disorderly video picks up and plays with William Gaddis’s biting satire of a book, ‘JR’

21 Nov 2014

Picking the picture: Magnum Contact Sheets at C/O Berlin

It’s riveting to see the choices and accidents that produced some of history’s most iconic photographs

20 Nov 2014

‘A Victorian Obsession: The Pérez Simón Collection’ at Leighton House

For the first time, the permanent collection at Leighton House is being cleared for a display of Victorian art

19 Nov 2014

Peder Balke’s Arctic landscapes in the National Gallery

A little known 19th-century Norwegian painter is being touted as a ‘forerunner of modernism’

18 Nov 2014

‘Unreliable Evidence’: Manet and contemporary art in the Mead Gallery

Manet’s ‘Execution of Maximilian’ is lost in the midst of so much contemporary art

17 Nov 2014

‘Another Life, Another World’: Paul Nash’s watercolours

Piano Nobile’s show introduces the ‘war artist’s peacetime work

17 Nov 2014