Muse Reviews: 16 November

Mannequins in the Fitzwilliam Museum; Cubism at the Met; chickens in the crypt

16 Nov 2014

Artes Mundi: international art in Cardiff

One participating artist will win the Artes Mundi Prize, but this year the focus is on the exhibition as a whole

13 Nov 2014

Mirrorcity: Glimpsing the digital revolution

Can art keep up with the digital revolution? Or is a show like the Hayward’s still a bit of a gimmick?

12 Nov 2014

‘AZIMUT/H’ at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection

In 1959 a flash of activity illuminated Milan’s already vibrant artistic scene

11 Nov 2014

A history of Cubism in one collection: the Lauder gift at the Met

Eighty-one extraordinary works by Picasso, Braque, Gris and Léger are now on show

10 Nov 2014

‘Silent Partners’: mannequins at the Fitzwilliam Museum

How have artists used mannequins and dolls to manipulate their audiences?

10 Nov 2014

Muse Reviews: 9 November

Freud’s lusty figurines; Hogarth’s lewd Londoners; Serra’s monumental sculptures and Anaïs Tondeur’s scientific mysteries

9 Nov 2014

Lost in Fathoms: Anaïs Tondeur

Tondeur’s work is rigorously scientific, but that doesn’t blunt its emotional impact

7 Nov 2014

Lust, gin and grime: ‘Hogarth’s London’ at the Cartoon Museum

If Victorian London belongs to Dickens, the Georgian city is Hogarth’s

7 Nov 2014

Impossible balance: Richard Serra’s sculptures at Gagosian Gallery

The complexity and integrity of Serra’s monumental work is mind-blowing

Review: Love, Lust and Longing in the Freud Museum

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Freud’s collection of antiquities is not for the easily abashed

5 Nov 2014

The Musée Picasso reopens in Paris

It’s been a long and controversial refurbishment. Has it all been worth it?

4 Nov 2014

A cloud of glass in the Bois de Boulogne: the Louis Vuitton Foundation

Despite Gehry’s dislike of the term, his building is a spectacle, as is the art

4 Nov 2014

Review: Conrad Shawcross ‘The ADA Project’

Music, dancing robots, 19th-century algorithms: Shawcross’s latest project was ambitious, but was it worth it?

3 Nov 2014

Muse Reviews: 2 November

Pierre Huyghe’s stange and beautiful work; Jane and Louise Wilson’s ‘Undead Sun’; and Schiele’s uneasy nudes

2 Nov 2014

Paul McCarthy’s obscene art world

The paintings presented in Paul McCarthy’s exhibition at Hauser & Wirth are invariably obscene. Painted in the artist’s trademark palette –…

1 Nov 2014

Review: Witches and Wicked Bodies at the British Museum

Nothing stirs the anxieties of Western civilisation like the unnaturally powerful female…

31 Oct 2014

Review: ‘Pierre Huyghe: In. Border. Deep’ at Hauser & Wirth, London

Huyghe’s notoriously uncategorisable works are both strange and beautiful

30 Oct 2014

‘Face to Face’: the Clifford Chance collection at Sir John Soane’s Museum

An 18th-century architect’s house is a strange place for a law firm to show off some modern prints…but it works

29 Oct 2014

Review: Jane and Louise Wilson’s ‘Undead Sun’ at the Imperial War Museum

Undead Sun explores the First World War’s nascent mechanics of propaganda, aerial warfare and camouflage

28 Oct 2014

An Aura of Unease: Egon Schiele at the Courtauld Gallery

In Schiele’s vision, to observe, or to have a body is to have a difficulty

28 Oct 2014

Review: Guggenheim Bilbao lets its collection speak for itself

The museum showcases some of its finest works in ‘The Art of Our Time’

27 Oct 2014

SPASIBO: Davide Monteleone’s photos from Chechnya

Monteleone focuses on an apparently shiny, happy new reality…Yet the Italian photographer is playing a sophisticated game

27 Oct 2014

Muse Reviews: 26 October

From Brueghel and Rembrandt to Rego and Steve McQueen

26 Oct 2014