Review: ‘Disobedient Objects’ at the V&A

Can the objects of political activism hold their own in a museum?

8 Aug 2014

Stanley Spencer’s Masterpiece: The Sandham Memorial Chapel

Love him or hate him, Stanley Spencer’s First World War paintings at Burghclere will win you over

8 Aug 2014

‘Twixt Two Worlds’: spirit photography and magic lanterns at the Whitechapel Gallery

What lies between still photography and the moving image?

6 Aug 2014

A good advert for American art? Art Everywhere in the US

Can art add sparkle to the USA’s advertising billboards?

6 Aug 2014

The Hague’s Hidden Treasures: Prince William V’s Picture Gallery

Not all of the Mauritshuis’s treasures are actually in the Mauritshuis

3 Aug 2014

Muse Reviews: 3 August

A round-up of the week’s reviews: Hauser & Wirth Somerset; Rodin’s gift to the V&A; the Museum Bredius; and The Space Where I Am

3 Aug 2014

The Hague’s hidden treasures: Museum Bredius

There’s more to the Hague than the Mauritshuis

31 Jul 2014

Review: ‘The Space Where I Am’ at Blain|Southern, London

Blain|Southern’s group exhibition is about absence, but does the presence of so many big names get in the way?

30 Jul 2014

Edinburgh Art Festival: what not to miss

Heading to Edinburgh? Here are six fine art exhibitions to visit while you’re out there…

30 Jul 2014

Ancient Contemporary: Hauser & Wirth Somerset

What’s a stylish mega-gallery like Hauser & Wirth doing on an old farm in Somerset?

29 Jul 2014

The Rodin Gift to the V&A: a centenary celebration

In 1914 Auguste Rodin gifted 18 sculptures to the V&A, in tribute to the British soldiers fighting alongside his own countrymen in the First World War

29 Jul 2014

Muse Reviews: 27 July

Manifesta 10 in St Petersburg; South American art in the Royal Academy; and the aptness of the Barbican as a venue for digital art…

27 Jul 2014

Review: ‘Virginia Woolf: Art, Life and Vision’ at the National Portrait Gallery

Frances Spalding’s expertly curated exhibition places Woolf at the still centre of the Bloomsbury group

25 Jul 2014

Review: Manifesta 10 in St Petersburg

With global politics so dominant in the conversation surrounding Manifesta, there was a danger the art might become an irrelevant sideshow. Does it hold its own?

24 Jul 2014

Review: ‘Radical Geometry’, South American art at the Royal Academy, London

The diversity of South American abstraction is one of its main strengths

24 Jul 2014

Out of time: ‘Digital Revolution’ at the Barbican

How is the rapidly changing world of digital technology affecting culture?

22 Jul 2014

Muse Reviews: 20 July

Italian art in London; architectural success-stories; and a deliberately boring biennale…

20 Jul 2014

Review: Mel Bochner ‘Strong Language’ at the Jewish Museum

Bochner’s piled-up word paintings at the Jewish Museum are strangely anxiety-provoking

19 Jul 2014

Review: ‘Louis Kahn: The Power of Architecture’ at the Design Museum

Kahn’s designs have a sense of grandeur unmatched by most modernist buildings

18 Jul 2014

Review: ‘Giulio Paolini: To Be or Not to Be’ at the Whitechapel Gallery

Paolini’s work isn’t well known in the UK, but it remains as relevant as ever

15 Jul 2014

Review: ‘Gerardo Dottori: The Futurist View’ at the Estorick Collection

Even in his aeropainting phase Dottori was committed to the pastoral

15 Jul 2014

Shells, rocks and follies: the Serpentine Pavilion 2014 responds well to its location

Smiljan Radić’s design sits beautifully within Hyde Park

14 Jul 2014