Review: Paula Rego’s powerful pastels at Marlborough Fine Art

Playful and daring, Rego’s pastels and watercolours are a surprise

24 Oct 2014

Review: The Brueghel Dynasty meets contemporary art

We’re fond of the Brueghels because they are rooted in their own time; so it’s odd that this ‘conversation’ works

24 Oct 2014

Review: ‘Rembrandt: The Late Works’ at the National Gallery, London

Self-scrutiny, experimentation, intimacy and contemplation characterise the master’s final years

21 Oct 2014

Review: Haunting new work by Steve McQueen at Thomas Dane Gallery

McQueen’s elegiac new work asks how we can memorialise a life

20 Oct 2014

Review: Russian Avant-Garde Theatre at the V&A

The modernist designs at the V&A have an air of optimism about them, but we all know how the story ends

20 Oct 2014

Muse Reviews: 19 October

Matisse goes to New York, the British Library goes Gothic, and Sotheby’s goes to Chatsworth

19 Oct 2014

Beyond Limits: Sotheby’s sculpture park at Chatsworth

It is not just collectors who enjoy the encounter with sculpture in the landscape. The public seems just as keen

17 Oct 2014

Outside the tents: Frieze Sculpture Park

One source of respite from the surrounding art fair frenzy is the Frieze Sculpture Park

17 Oct 2014

Review: Nevinson’s prints at Osborne Samuel, London

Nevinson is best known for his war art, but took his work in surprising directions after 1918

16 Oct 2014

Review: Sculptors’ Papers at the Whitechapel Gallery

A new exhibition illuminates the stories behind some of London’s most radical public sculptures

15 Oct 2014

Review: The British Library goes Gothic

‘Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination’, from Bram Stoker and to Wallace and Gromit

14 Oct 2014

‘Cutting directly into vivid colour’: Matisse arrives in New York

Matisse’s cut-outs have arrived in New York; and it’s a piece from MoMA’s own collection that steals the show

13 Oct 2014

Muse Reviews: 12 October

Our round-up of recent reviews: Anthony Caro, Thomas Hart Benton, Rossetti’s Obsession and a generous Georgian

12 Oct 2014

Reviving the Regionalists: Thomas Hart Benton at the Metropolitan Museum

The artist is the latest US Regionalist to be lauded in a major museum

10 Oct 2014

Anthony Caro’s late, great sculptures at Annely Juda Fine Art

‘The Last Sculptures’ is a timely celebration of Caro’s late work, almost a year after his death

7 Oct 2014

‘Rossetti’s Obsession: Images of Jane Morris’ at the William Morris Gallery

Jane Morris posed as numerous legendary characters for Rossetti: what of her own?

6 Oct 2014

Art in unusual places: the Art Licks Weekend

A quick tour of Peckham’s hidden galleries…

6 Oct 2014

Muse Reviews: 5 October

Recent exhibition reviews, including Constable, Edwin Smith and a modern take on the minotaur myth

5 Oct 2014

Review: Modern ruins steal the show in ‘Constructing Worlds’

Abandoned and neglected sites feature as prominently as those in construction in the Barbican’s photography exhibition

3 Oct 2014

The Balfron Tower ‘pop-up’ puts Brutalism back in the spotlight

The reopening of Flat 130 makes Brutalism briefly accessible

2 Oct 2014

Review: ‘Ming: 50 years that changed China’ at the British Museum

There was more to the Ming period than blue and white porcelain

2 Oct 2014

The sound of war: Susan Philipsz’ Broken Ensemble at Eastside Projects

The troubling sounds of five war-damaged instruments are heard for the first time in over 100 years

1 Oct 2014

Small town life: Gwen Raverat at Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge

Kettle’s Yard showcases the wood engravings of Gwen Raverat, who made her name depicting the area around Cambridge

1 Oct 2014