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Chia-Wei Hsu



For Chia-Wei Hsu, technology is a means of delving into what he describes as ‘unlived moments in history’. He works primarily with film, video installation and other technologies to explore ideas around the production of narratives and the act of storytelling, primarily within a South-East Asian context; a recurring topic is the history of the Cold War in Asia. The video installation Cat and Mouse (2020) contains a 3D-printed model of a piece of pottery depicting the eponymous animals (the original object was collected by the archaeologist Wang San-pei, who was executed during the White Terror in Taiwan in 1953). Hsu’s work has been exhibited at biennials and museums around the world (among them the Venice Biennale, Sydney Biennial, Taipei Biennial, Singapore Biennial and at the Centre Pompidou) and he has also curated a number of exhibitions, including the Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition which took place at Hong-Gah Museum in 2018.

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