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Dana Schutz: Between Us

The Louisiana Museum of Art offers a rare opportunity to see works spanning the entirety of the American artist’s career

Presentation (Fremstilling) (detail; 2005), Dana Schutz. Ovitz Family Collection, Los Angeles. © Dana Schutz

The enigmatic compositions of the American painter Dana Schutz are notable for combination elements of the comedic and grotesque. The exhibition at the Louisiana Museum of Art in Humblebaek (9 February–11 June) focuses on the painter’s knack for storytelling, bringing together a range of works spanning the entirety of her career, from heavily populated paintings such as The Public Process (2022) to more intimate works such as The Interview (2020) as well as drawings, graphics and sculptures. Interactions between Schutz’s figures often take place amid scenes of chaos and destruction, as can be seen in Mountain Group (2018) while works such as Guilty Swimmer (2001), which depicts a solitary figure, appear to capture a moment of introspection. Find out more on the Louisiana’s website.

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Mountain Group (2018), Dana Schutz. © Dana Schutz

The Interview (2020), Dana Schutz. Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. (detail; 2005), Dana Schutz. © Dana Schutz

Fanatics (2005), Dana Schutz. Olbricht Collection. © Dana Schutz

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