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David Hockney to Return to Royal Academy in 2016

29 September 2015

Our daily round-up of news from the art world

Royal Academy Reveals 2016 Exhibition Programme | The Royal Academy of Arts has announced its 2016 exhibition programme. An exhibition devoted to Abstract Expressionism – the first major show UK devoted to the movement in over 50 years – will take place next September, while the Sackler Wing of Galleries will host a show of new paintings by David Hockney in the summer. Hockney’s last major exhibition at the RA was only three years ago – a rather short turnaround in museum terms.

Archaeological Find Suggests Ancient Rome ‘Far Bigger’ than Previously Thought | Not to be outdone by last week’s ‘Mona Lisa’ discovery in Florence, The Eternal City has offered up secrets of its own. Archaeologists working on a dig beneath Rome’s Palazzo Canevari have discovered the remains of a house thought to date from the 6th century BC, reports The Art Newspaper. The find suggests that Ancient Rome’s residential quarter was not entirely concentrated around the forum, as previously thought.

Manifesta Reveals Details for 11th Edition | In Zurich, preparations for Europe’s Manifesta contemporary art biennale are gathering pace. Manifesta 11, which will take place next summer, is under the curatorial direction of Christian Jankowski – the first artist ever to be named in the position. The centrepiece of the event will be the ‘Pavillon of Reflections’, a floating platform on Lake Zurich. Let’s hope it’s as buoyant as the organisers’ spirits.

Dia Foundation Drops Plans for Chelsea Space | Sometimes, it pays to stay put. The director of New York’s Dia Foundation has told The Art Newspaper that longstanding plans to establish a new space in Manhattan’s Chelsea district have been abandoned. Jessica Morgan, who took the helm at Dia in January, is ‘not pursuing’ the plans mooted by her predecessor.

Theaster Gates to ‘Amplify’ Bristol | Theaster Gates has recruited hundreds of local musicians, artists and public speakers to fill a bombed-out church in Bristol with what the artist describes as a ‘continuous programme of performance’. Gates’s Sanctum project is an attempt to ‘amplify’ the city. Bristolians hoping for a quiet night in between 29 October and 21 November may wish to book a last minute holiday…

Leonid Nikolayev (1984–2015) | Russian artist and activist Leonid Nikolayev has died aged 31. Nikolayev, who was a principle member of the anti-establishment Voina collective (famous for its links to the band Pussy Riot), was reportedly killed in a timber cutting accident.

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One comment

  1. Leonard Rosoman died a few years ago. He was an RA. He is an infinitely more interesting painter than Hockney. The Royal Academy is obsessed with celebrity. Instead of letting us experience an artists works and the processes involved [this would be of great interest to other artists] of an artist who many Joe Bloggs have never heard of, Rosoman, the RA gives us Hockney AGAIN, on one chair. The Royal Academy is not interested in furthering our knowledge and experience of art. It’s interested in money. And all the Hockney swooners no doubt will accuse me or any other painter who dare not agree with them that Hockney is the best thing since multi coloured bread, of professional jealousy. What a state we’re in when we can’t give a famous artist/celeb an honest objective critique of their work without being branded an envious heckler. Such is the boneheadedness around that a comment on another forum describes Hockney’s landscapes of a few years ago, as changing her whole perception and that nothing like them had she seen done before. Poor women, she can’t have seen much art. Hockney’s exhibition ‘portraits on one leg, or chair or whatever it is, is full of very superficial, looked at too quick and painted too quickly, portraits. Shame on you Royal Academy. You’re supposed to be an open minded institution, giving opportunity for all artists to exhibit and all people who are interested in art a chance to see a variety of artists. Instead it gives us the chums brigade, the famous, the who’s in favour at the time. How about a room full of big Adrian Berg RA landscapes or a room full of portraits by Leonard McComb RA? Why, I hear the RA shout, and all boneheaded culture vulture local art group housewives, not many people have heard of them. Watch out in the up an coming next few years for big blockbuster exhibitions of other back scratchers and favourite luvvies such as Grayson, I wear a frock Perry, or our Tracey. Corrupt to the bloody hills the lot of it.

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