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Digital Innovation of the Year

The Apollo Awards 2017: Digital Innovation of the Year Shortlist

Art Rabbit

The launch of Art Rabbit’s new app has transformed the well-established online art guide into a far more usable platform. The app hosts thousands of listings for art exhibitions and events, and offers recommendations from artists and curators.

Image courtesy Art Rabbit

Bruegel: Unseen Masterpieces

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium/Google Cultural Institute

This exhibition and ‘digital experience’ offer visitors new ways of discovering the details of Bruegel’s works. It presents 12 works from different international museums in digital formats.

© Olivier Anbergen – I Love Light

Explore Soane

Efforts to make Sir John Soaneʼs Museum more accessible have led to the creation of an exact digital online replica. Using the latest 3D technology (in partnership with ScanLAB Projects) the museum has scanned and digitised rooms and objects – so far, the Model Room and the Sepulchral Chamber can be explored in detail.

© Sir John Soane’s Museum

Pharos Art Research

Fourteen institutions (among them the Courtauld, the Warburg and Villa I Tatti) have partnered to create an unprecedented digital research platform offering access to major photographic archives from around the world. The project collates photo-archive records relating to more than 25 million works of art.

Frick Art Reference Library Photo Archives


This app allows users to scan and identify works of art via their phone camera. The software matches the image against a database of artworks, and provides the user with information about the original piece. In addition to basic details, the app offers in-depth materials including audio interviews with artists.

© Smartify

Touch & Discover Systems

TAD Systems’ Probos Sensory Console and Gallezeum application enable blind and partially sighted museum visitors to experience exhibits through simulated touch. The haptic technology, which relies on detailed digital scans, can also simulate the sound an item makes when tapped.

© Gallezeum2017

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