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Do we need a museum dedicated to the Olsen twins? Er, no.

4 March 2016

Introducing Rakewell, Apollo’s wandering eye on the art world. Look out for regular posts taking a rakish perspective on art and museum stories.

News that the Warsaw’s National Museum is to mount a show curated by children has warmed steely art-world hearts around the globe. Sixty-nine youngsters aged between 6 and 14 were let loose in the museum’s storerooms and asked to pick out items for display. The resulting display includes a ‘Ghost Room’, the object of which is apparently to ‘scare the visitors’.

However, nothing these children have come up with can be quite as terrifying as an item Rakewell spotted in Teen Vogue. According to this most august journal of record, Viviana Rosales Olen and Matt Harkins, a pair of self-styled ‘curators’ from New York have launched a Kickstarter campaign to start a museum devoted to…

…professional party attenders Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. If successful, the campaign will fund a space dedicated to a series of paintings of the winsome twins by artist Laura Collins. ‘They’re a lot like Degas’s paintings, but instead of ballet dancers, it’s MK hiding behind a Starbuck’s cup,’ explained mic.com, helpfully.

Any hopes of seeing the Olsens drowning their sorrows with a nice glass of absinthe, then, must be tempered. Still, their seismic historical significance aside, the question remains: why?

Apparently, the appeal rests in their elusiveness: ‘The Olsen’s [sic] are rarely seen out and when they are, it’s at a party like the Met Gala and they look they’re attending a 19th Century funeral,’ Harkins and Olen told Dazed, ‘at Mary-Kate’s wedding, guests were forced to turn in their phones which we would hate because we love our phones.’

Mary-Kate may have been on to something. Should Harkins and Olen call on the Rake to donate to the Kickstarter, they may find his phone sends them straight to voicemail.

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