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Four Chicago Artists: Theodore Halkin, Evelyn Statsinger, Barbara Rossi, and Christina Ramberg

The Art Institute of Chicago is paying tribute to four pioneering artists at the centre of the city's booming post-war cultural scene

Untitled (1968), Theodore Halkin. Art Institute of Chicago

After the Second World War, Chicago became home to a vast number of artists. The city was, however, lacking in commercial galleries where they could exhibit and sell their work. Rather than see this as a hindrance, artists embraced the freedom this afforded them over the following decades, ignoring art-world trends and creating highly individual work that satisfied their own creative desires. This milieu is explored in an exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago that focuses on four 20th-century Chicagoan artists: Theodore Halkin, Evelyn Statsinger, Barbara Rossi and Christina Ramberg (11 May–26 August). All born between 1924 and 1946, they each contributed significantly to the city’s burgeoning art scene. Their impact is shown here through some 95 works, including drawings, paintings, photograms, quilts and more.

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Flower Returning to the H2O (1978), Barbara Rossi. Art Institute of Chicago

Untitled (1971), Christina Ramberg. Art Institute of Chicago. © The Estate of Christina Ramberg

Untitled (1952), Evelyn Statsinger. Art Institute of Chicago

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