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Gallery: Christopher Dresser at the Fine Art Society, London

Dresser's designs range from elegantly simplistic cabinets to rounded, colourful vases based on natural forms

Large ovoid vase (detail; c. 1880), Christopher Dresser. Courtesy of The Fine Art Society

Christopher Dresser (1834–1904) was one of the 19th century’s most influential designers, but has been overlooked in recent decades, particularly in comparison to his more famous contemporaries such as William Morris. A new selling exhibition at The Fine Art Society in London presents a broad selection of his unusual works, which highlights the originality and versatility of his designs. Exhibits range from elegant cabinets of architectural symmetry, to colourful, rounded vases inspired by natural forms.

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‘Truth Beauty Power: the Designs of Dr Christopher Dresser’ is at the Fine Art Society, London, until 2 October.

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