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Gallery: Henri de Fromantiou at the Bonnefantenmuseum

Highlights from the new (and first) exhibition dedicated to 17th-century painter Henri de Fromantiou

Bloemstilleven (1665), Henri de Fromantiou

Henri de Fromantiou enjoyed considerable success during his own lifetime as a court painter in 17th-century Potsdam. But for a long time the artist has been overlooked, and his best paintings misattributed to his more famous contemporaries such as Willem van Aelst. A new exhibition at the Bonnefantenmuseum seeks to redress this, bringing together a large group of his masterpieces from around the world. Click on any image below to open the slideshow.

Click here for the curator’s introduction to the exhibition

‘Henri de Fromantiou: Royal Illusions’ is at the Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht, from 6 March–28 June.

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