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Gallery: ‘Making Colour’ at the National Gallery, London

The National Gallery has colour-coded its collection for its latest exhibition, resulting in some interesting pairings

The National Gallery has colour-coded its collection for its latest exhibition, ‘Making Colour’. The display, which traces the use and development of colour in art, presents familiar canvases alongside loaned items such as minerals, ceramics, metalwork and Renaissance textiles. By looking at the works through a scientific as well as art-historical lens (the exhibition is co-curated by Caroline Campbell of the curatorial department, and Ashok Roy, director of scientific research), the gallery sheds new light on its holdings and draws unexpected parallels across epochs. Below are a few of the most interesting pairings.

Click here for Ashok Roy’s introduction to the exhibition

‘Making Colour’ is at the National Gallery, London, from 18 June–7 September.

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