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Jeremy Corbyn, coming to a museum near you!

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is touting himself as a tour guide at the People's History Museum in Manchester

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A quarter to eight on a Tuesday evening, and as Rakewell is preparing his dinner, an email from Labour MP Andy Burnham pings into his inbox. ‘Dear Rake,’ it reads. ‘I would like to invite you to join Jeremy Corbyn and me for an exclusive tour of the People’s History Museum and drinks reception, with travel and accommodation thrown in.’

‘Jeremy will guide you through the museum’s inspiring collection, telling the story of Britain’s labour movement. You’ll then join myself, Jeremy and fellow Party members at our evening drinks reception.’

Worthy though the Manchester institution may be as ‘the national museum of democracy’, the Rake foresees problems with the event. Chiefly, he can’t help but wonder whether guests might not mistake Comrade Corbyn for one of the exhibits. The permanent collection must be crying out for semi-animated relics from the 1970s, after all!

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