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Art Diary

Life and Afterlife in Ancient Egypt

4 February 2022

The first rehang of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Egyptian collections in some 25 years offers fresh insights into life, death and art along the Nile. Around 100 objects in the new gallery, among them painted images, sculptures and funerary masks, span a period of more than 3,000 years. Visitors will also get an insight into the history of the formation of the collection. The new gallery opens on 11 February. Find out more from the Art Institute of Chicago’s website.

Preview below | View Apollo’s Art Diary here   

Statuette of Re-Horakhty (c. 1069–525 BCE).

Statuette of Re-Horakhty (c. 1069–525 BC). Art Institute of Chicago

Statue of Ptah-Sokar-Osiris (332–30 BCE).

Statue of Ptah-Sokar-Osiris (332–30 BCE). Art Institute of Chicago

Plaque Depicting a Quail Chick (332–30 BCE).

Plaque Depicting a Quail Chick (332–30 BCE). Art Institute of Chicago

Kohl Container in the Shape of a Palm Column (c. 1352–1213 BCE).

Kohl container in the shape of a palm column (c. 1352–1213 BCE). Art Institute of Chicago

Model of a River Boat (c. 2046–1794 BCE).

Model of a river boat (c. 2046–1794 BCE). Art Institute of Chicago

Portrait of a Man Wearing a Laurel Wreath (early to mid–2nd century).

Portrait of a man wearing a laurel wreath (early to mid 2nd century). Art Institute of Chicago