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Off-Limits Italian Heritage Sites to be Outsourced

Art News Daily : 13 October

Our daily round-up of news from the art world

Italy Outsources Management of Closed Cultural Sites | The Italian government has outsourced the management of many of its closed cultural sites to non-profit organisations, reports Le Journal des Arts. The move is attributed to a lack of funds and personnel, and has been taken in view of eventually opening the sites in question to the public. The results of the venture may be important in determining how Italy maintains its cultural patrimony.

Dismaland Not Destined for Jungle Refugee Camp | Banksy’s ‘Dismaland’ theme park, which has finally been dismantled, will be repurposed as shelter for refugees, but not – as was widely believed – at the ‘Jungle’ camp outside Calais. It remains to be seen what the refugees, wherever they are, will make of the remnants of a purposefully ‘disappointing’ attraction.

PACE Takes over Representation of John Hoyland Estate | PACE gallery is to represent the estate of the late British artist John Hoyland, it announced in a press release last night. Good news for Damien Hirst: his collection of Hoyland’s work is currently on display at his Newport Street Gallery.

Andrew Sayers (1957–2015) | Andrew Sayers, the former director of the National Museum of Australia, has died at his home in Melbourne aged 58, reports the Canberra Times. Sayers, who first joined the museum in 1985, left his position in 2013 to focus on painting. Tributes have flooded in from prominent members of the Australian art community.

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