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PAD Dealer’s Choice: David Ghezelbash

David Ghezelbash, one of the exhibitors at PAD London this week, speaks to Apollo

The art market is full of personalities, but dealers and gallerists often seem little more than names when the market gets covered in print. In a new series, Apollo asks art dealers to introduce themselves and their businesses.

Tell us a bit about the history of your business…

I opened the gallery in rue Jacob, Paris, in 2008 after working for a few years with Jean-Philippe de Serres (galerie Serres, rue Bonaparte).

What are your specialist fields?

I deal mainly in antiquities from the Mediterranean: Roman, Greek, Etruscan and Egyptian. But my predilection is for ancient Near Eastern.

What’s the most exciting work you’re currently offering?

Currently I’m very fond of a Ptolemaic Egyptian relief of a king, making an offering, with traces of its original pigments.

What’s been your greatest triumph as a dealer?

The discovery of rare piece that now is in an international museum.

And your greatest professional regret?

I can’t think of any…

How has the market in your field changed since you started dealing?

The importance of provenance has changed the market a lot.

Do you collect yourself? And in the same field as you deal?

Yes various things, but mostly outside my field.

Which work have you been sorriest to part with?

None; because each piece that goes has an afterlife and pushes you to find new ones…

If you weren’t an art dealer, what would you be?

A musician.

David Ghezelbash Archéologie is based in Paris.
PAD London is on at Berkeley Square, London, until 20 October 2013.

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