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Alan Yentob Steps Down as BBC Creative Director

Art News Daily : 3 December

3 Dec 2015

François Pinault Denies Paris Museum Rumours

Art News Daily : 2 December

2 Dec 2015

French Artists React to Marine Le Pen

Art News Daily: 1 December

1 Dec 2015

Are artists justified in boycotting Israel?

Calls for cultural and academic boycotts of Israel continue to hit the headlines. Should we regard such politically charged stances as divisive or necessary for change?

30 Nov 2015
Apollo Awards: Museum Opening of the Year: The Whitney Museum

Museum Opening of the Year

The Whitney Museum’s widely acclaimed move downtown means that American art now has the home it deserves

François Hollande Attacks ISIS’s Art Trafficking

Art News Daily : 18 November

18 Nov 2015

‘We have one heritage.’ Syria’s chief of antiquities calls on Europe for help

‘The dangers surrounding the Syrian archaeological heritage are growing beyond our capabilities’

18 Nov 2015

Science Museum to End Association with Shell?

Art News Daily : 13 November

13 Nov 2015

Mixed Results at Christie’s Tuesday Sale

Art News Daily : 11 November

11 Nov 2015

On Water, Rosemary and Mercury

‘On Water, Rosemary and Mercury’ is part of Home works 7, a multidisciplinary forum on cultural practices, which takes place…

Beirut Art Center, Lebanon

British Museum Considers Charge for Tour Groups

Art News Daily : 2 November

2 Nov 2015

Julia Peyton-Jones to Leave Serpentine Gallery

Art News Daily : 30 October

30 Oct 2015

50 Most Endangered Heritage Sites Named

Art News Daily : 23 October

23 Oct 2015

Milano Citta’Mondo #1. Eritrea/Etiopia

The World City Forum (Forum della Città Mondo) celebrates the inauguration of the MUDEC with a photographic project by Alan…

MUDEC, Milan

The Rake’s Progress: Frieze Week in Gossip

Smoke gets in the eyes of London gallery goers, food means nothing to Jonathan Jones and further woes for Uri Geller’s spoon

17 Oct 2015

Rembrandt Portrait ‘At Risk of Leaving UK’

Art News Daily : 16 October

16 Oct 2015

Hilla Becher, 1934–2015

Art News Daily : 14 October

14 Oct 2015