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Scott Rothkopf

Deputy Director of Programs and Chief Curator, Whitney Museum New York

1 Sep 2015
Thomas Marks, Apollo magazine, 40 Under 40 USA.

Thomas Marks

Editor, Apollo magazine, London

1 Sep 2015

Antique ivory: an opportunity for progress on US imports?

Banning the import of antiques will not help the otherwise commendable effort to save the elephants

25 Aug 2015

Art Nocturne Knocke

Art Nocturne Knocke has become one of the most prestigious arts & antiques fairs of the European summer season. Young…

Knokke-Heist, Belgium

Art Outlook

French culture minister sacks Nicolas Bourriaud; Italy seeks 20 new museum directors; Whitworth wins Museum of the Year award; condom art controversy in Milwaukee

3 Jul 2015

Is the art market unhealthy?

Some major art dealers are calling it quits, others have joined forces. Who’s saying what about the changing state of the industry?

3 Jul 2015

Does the art market need more regulation?

Recent art market commentary presents a new and unusual crisis: too much money

29 Jun 2015

Guggenheim Helsinki should not see the light of day

Moreau Kusunoki’s designs look nice, but the public shouldn’t have to pay

23 Jun 2015

Winning Guggenheim Helsinki design revealed

The jury praised the winning proposal as ‘deeply respectful of the site’. Do you agree?

23 Jun 2015

Review: Woman in Gold asks questions about the value of art

Helen Mirren stars as Maria Altmann, an émigré Austrian Jew battling to have a painting returned to her after its theft by the Nazis

3 Jun 2015

Assemble: could 18 young architects take home the Turner Prize?

To be honest, the art world bats barely an eyelash at this ‘new’ development

13 May 2015

Made in China: the ‘fake’ Fragonard that fooled Dulwich

Doug Fishbone hid a cheap Chinese replica in the Dulwich Picture Gallery and hardly anybody noticed

5 May 2015

Art Outlook

Cultural sites severely damaged in Nepal; major fire rips through Clandon Park; Museum of Biblical Art forced to close in New York

30 Apr 2015

Highlights from the Pompidou pop-up in Málaga

Some high-profile works have made it to Málaga to inaugurate the Pompidou’s latest venue

28 Apr 2015

‘The Next Helsinki’ and the Guggenheim Helsinki are as bad as each other

Should the city even close a few museums instead of designing more?

21 Apr 2015

A Utopian Stage: Festival of Arts Shiraz-Persepolis

The ancient Persian ruins of Persepolis were a spectacular backdrop for ‘one of the most adventurous and idiosyncratic festivals in…

Whitechapel Gallery, London

Stamping down on the students: has the UK’s largest art school gone too far?

Students are asking legitimate questions about the future of art schools: UAL should listen

17 Apr 2015

The forward-thinking director behind Frankfurt’s museums

Max Hollein discusses the challenges and rewards of running not one, but three, institutions

17 Apr 2015

Art Outlook: 16 April

IS demolishes the ancient city of Nimrud; Günter Grass dies aged 87; art trumps privacy in US court ruling; and don’t mention the Elgin Marbles

16 Apr 2015

Baltic Diary: April

What is the relationship between art and the city?

13 Apr 2015

Horrible Art Histories

A look at how the genre of the grotesque has unfolded from the Renaissance to the present day

6 Apr 2015

The Week’s Muse: 4 April

News and comment from our April issue: Thomas Marks and John Curtis on the cultural desecration of Iraq; Don Quixote in NYC; plus, should the Kunstmuseum Bern have accepted the Gurlitt bequest?

4 Apr 2015

Art Outlook: 3 April

Tate Britain director and RA curator head for Europe; LACMA teams up with Hyundai; the UK’s fight to keep an ancient Egyptian statue continues; plus our favourite April Fools

3 Apr 2015